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Have you ever had the desire to woo the girl of your dreams? Thought of asking the girl out on an expensive five star restaurant for a date and then end it with a grand firework display? This kind of date is expensive and would probably make a hole out of your pocket. However, there is a cheaper way but certainly still as romantic, or even more so, than a date in an expensive restaurant. This kind of date is a picnic date. You can go to a nice place, bring delicious foods, enjoy fun activities, and end it with a sweet simple gesture.

Candlelight dinner with mellow background music at a famous restaurant is such a cliché. People bring their dates to restaurants all the time that it gets boring. People spend a huge amount of money just to impress a girl or make a girl feel loved without remembering that cost is not the matter. These dates are expensive and surreal. The cost of a date is not the main reason why a girl is impressed or feels loved; it is the thought that counts. If you are looking for a way to make the girl you want feel important to you, bring her on a romantic picnic date.

A picnic date does not necessarily have to be expensive, and it does not cost like a date in a restaurant. In fact, the cost of a picnic date is so small that you can repeat it everyday. Even though it is cheap, it is no less than romantic than the cliché dates. With the right kind of food, a good weather, the right place, and the appropriate picnic date activities, you can certainly impress a girl. If you happen to watch modern television shows, romantic comedy movies, or read teen novels; you will know that a simple sincere date makes the heart of a girl flutter like crazy.

If you decide that a good picnic date is what you will do, the first thing to do is to find a good venue for the event. There are several good places where you can bring the girl of your dreams. For one, there is the usual park where there is a field for the two of you to enjoy. Another good place to go is to a beach. A beach picnic can be a double purpose date; you can have a good picnic bonding time and also you can head to the water and swim all you want. For people who are so busy that they do not have the time to drive to somewhere else; go have a picnic at your backyard or a rooftop of a building. Most people deem it ugly and unromantic to go have a date at a rooftop. However, a good scenery, a nice pick of food, and add to that your sincerity; a rooftop date would certainly be a hit. Take this note; no matter where you choose to have the date, just be sure that you will really have a good time together.

Of course, a picnic date is not a date without the savoury food that the two of you will enjoy together. You can opt to have a unique selection of food and come up with your own recipes or prepare the food that is already proven and tested. Prepare a delicious Asian Pork Barbeque for a heavy snack. A simple ham and cheese sandwich just to have something to bite. You can also bring a hotdog on a stick for you to eat after some tiring field activity. Chocolate chip cookies, cupcakes, muffins, and other sweet pastries are also a good addition to the menu. Lastly, if you do not know how to bake or prepare a barbeque, prepare a homemade pizza. Just remember to keep it edible. However, to make the picnic date a romantic date, you can share the food that you are biting with one another. Feed each other like you do when you are married.

The last bit to complete your date is a good activity to keep you from getting bored. Play a Truth or dare game, fly a kite together, have a walk around the place, or lie down and watch the different cloud formations together.

A date does not have to be expensive, it just have to be from the heart. Always remember that to woo a girl, your intentions must be sincere. A personalized picnic date would mean much more to a girl than an insincere five-star restaurant date.


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