Sandwich Wrap Recipe


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This delightful dish may have been from a questionable origin, but it tastes really good. Most popular in California, this recipe has evolved into a great meal for families all around the world. It’s versatile, that’s why all people can eat it. It’s great for meat lovers, but also for vegetarians. All you have to do is change the set of stuffing, and you’re done with a great meal that your family will love. It’s also great for picnics, since it can be done quickly and you don’t need plates to eat it. It is a fantastic dish on a picnic table that’s easy to prepare, and delicious too!

You may pick other ingredients in this recipe, but here’s a great combination of vegetable, meat, and cheese!

Sandwich Wrap

♦ Six eight-inch whole-wheat flour or plain tortilla wraps
♦ Sliced cheese (dairy, low-sodium, or reduced-fat)
♦ Sliced turkey or chicken breast (honey roasted or fried)
♦ Coleslaw mix
♦ Thousand Island dressing (fat-free or regular)
♦ Baby spinach

You can have some research about the most popular sandwich wrap recipes in the internet. Take your time to understand how the ingredients affect each other to form a unique flavor. After that, you can be very creative with your recipe – until you come up with your very own sandwich wrap recipe. Here is how you make a simple sandwich wrap recipe.

♦ Place the tortilla wrap on a clean surface.
♦ Spread the dressing on the tortilla wrap.
♦ Add spinach (preferably ¼ cup), the turkey or chicken, coleslaw, and cheese.
♦ After you have placed your preferred ingredients, you should roll it up tightly.
♦ Once you’re finished with all of the wraps, wrap each in a plastic wrap and refrigerate up to 20 minutes.
♦ If the wraps are firm enough, cut diagonally in halves or thirds, whichever pleases you.
♦ Now you have a healthy wrap to serve on the picnic table!

If you want to make it look more presentable, you can try to make some garnishing out of vegetables. You can design it on your own or you can get some tips over the internet. It’s really best if you have tools to do it since it’s pretty hard to make garnishing using a utility knife only.  Once your done with the garnish, you can put it on the service plates and impress your family and friends!

Tortilla Wraps
Tortilla wraps can be purchased in supermarkets in its freshest state. If you’re in doubt, you should check its expiration date. If you’re going to store it for a week, you can still get a delightful taste from it. Longer than that is not really good. Preserved tortillas inside refrigerators only last for about a week. If you’re planning to buy one and use it in your picnic next month, it’s not very practical. You should buy maybe days before your picnic. If you can’t drop by at stores, then you probably should make one. Here’s how you do it.

Sandwich Wrap Recipe

♦ 4 cup(s) of all-purpose flour
♦ 2 teaspoon(s) of baking powder
♦ 3 teaspoon(s) of vegetable oil
♦ 1 teaspoon(s) of salt
♦ 1 cup of lukewarm milk

♦ Mix and stir the flour and baking powder in a large huge mouthed bowl.
♦ Add the vegetable oil and salt into the lukewarm milk and mix.
♦ Then, add the milk, oil, and salt mixture to the flour and baking powder mixture. This should get a sticky dough-like result.
♦ On flour surfaced plate or clean table, turn and knead it for a couple of minutes.
♦ Return it to the bowl and cover it with damp cloth.
♦ Divide the dough into eight balls in equal sizes and cover it again for about 25 minutes.
♦ With a rolling pin, roll out the tortillas and transfer it to a hot and dry skillet. Cook both sides for about 20 – 30 seconds and place it on a plate or napkin-lined basket.
♦ Now you have the fresh homemade tortilla wraps!

Storing Tortilla Wraps
Making tortilla wraps is fun – that’s why there are leftovers whenever you make a sandwich wrap. However, you don’t have to worry a lot since you can store it and use it for another picnic day. Sealing it in a plastic wrap and keeping it in the freezer will keep it fresh for at least seven days. If you want to use it, you can put it inside the microwave to get it ready for your sandwich wrap recipe.



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