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Great Vegetarian Picnic Food


When we think of picnics, we typically think of meat: grilled hamburgers, hotdogs, BBQ chicken, sandwich meat, ribs, and the like. For most of us, that sounds absolutely delicious. For vegetarians, though, the thought of a picnic filled with meat is less than desirable. Fortunately, there are plenty of vegetarian picnic food ideas out there that you can adapt for your own picnic free of meat and filled with nutritious – and tasty – dishes. This article will share three simple yet delicious vegetarian picnic food ideas for your next picnic.


Vegetarian Picnic Food Ideas: Soy Burgers


Hamburgers are typically made of beef, as we all know. What you may not know, though, is that hamburgers can also be made from an alternative substance: soy. Soy is a wonderful food that is loaded with protein, which makes it perfect as a vegetarian option to beef. While the taste is not exactly the same, a properly-cooked soy burger can be mouth-wateringly delicious.

You grill a soy burger pretty much the same way you grill a hamburger. Just do not try to char-grill a soy burger; it will be dry on the inside. My favorite toppings are lettuce, tomato, barbeque sauce, and cheddar cheese.

Vegetarian Picnic Food Ideas: Garden Salad

A nice, healthy, wholesome salad is always a great choice for vegetarian picnics. To make a great garden salad for your picnic, just follow this easy recipe:

– Arugula

– Baby spinach

– Baby leaf lettuce (or any other leafy green lettuce)

– Shredded cheddar and mozzarella cheese

– Diced tomatoes

– Boiled eggs, crushed

– Purple onions

– Raspberry vinaigrette

– Croutons

Just add the ingredients to a mixing bowl and toss the salad until it is well mixed. If you want, add your dressing and then toss again so it covers the salad well. You can use any dressing you wish, but light dressings work better with this salad.

Vegetarian Picnic Food Ideas: Deviled Eggs

Finally, a wonderful vegetarian hors d’oeuvre or appetizer is a deviled egg dish. These creations are delicious and extremely tasty, and can add a great flavor to any vegetarian picnic. You will need:

– Eggs, large

– Paprika

– Tablespoon of soy sauce

– 1/3 cup of mayonnaise

– Teaspoon of yellow mustard (can also use Dijon or honey mustard)

– Garlic, minced

To make, you first have to boil eggs in a saucepan or bowl until they are hard-boiled. Then, cut them in half, lengthways, and scoop out the yellow yolk. Place that in a separate bowl. Include the mayonnaise, mustard, and a pinch of garlic (not too much; just a small amount). Mash up the yellow yolks and mix all of these ingredients together. Then, take this mixture and place it in the holes in the white egg halves. Sprinkle with paprika and chill until ready to eat.

There you have it! If you combine these three vegetarian picnic food ideas, you will have a delightful vegetarian spread fit for any picnic. Enjoy!


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