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Thank you for the modern design of picnic equipment that has been improving over the past years, that means, you can still have the comfort of your own home even when you are at your picnic site.

Nowadays, more people are fund of transforming their deck, garden or veranda into an extra room for that alfresco dining they fancy, enjoying the comfort of having a picnic every day!

Definitely true, that picnic ware has improved into something fancy over the past few years!

No more rusty tin sandwich boxes, paper plates and smelly old flasks, they turned into a beautiful and colorful picnic containers and accessories with different shapes and sizes that children would truly love.

A portable blender might be perfect for you if you love frozen daiquiris and smoothies in your picnic. According to those blender reviews on the internet, many models that you can choose from might stand out and fit your needs.

Traditionally, picnic means sitting on a blanket that is spread out on the grass. However, in some cases like beach picnics, a picnic table is a much better option. There are those portable and foldable picnic tables available now in furniture stores. The table can be pleasing for a picnic setting if covered by a colorful picnic tablecloth and with the same colors of table napkins (can be a fabric or disposable table napkins).

Picnic foods must be those that are easy to prepare and eat. Finger foods are excellent choice for it does not require cutleries anymore. However, there are picnic forks, knives and spoons available in different colors. Paper plates are now convenient to use for they are now disposables and no washing is needed but they tend to fold when put on the knees. Nevertheless, there are melamine plates that are much better and colorful to look at.

One of the most important inventions in regards to picnic is those food containers that can keep you hot food hot and cold food cold. There are also containers that are airtight so that foods will retain its crispiness and prevent liquids from spilling. It is better to choose those clear containers so that you can easily identify which food to take from the cooler or picnic baskets.

Picnic With Hammock

Picnic With Hammock

Wrapping materials like cling wrap or film are also necessary for covering and protecting from bugs the foods that are in plates. It is very versatile that even a small amount of salt and pepper can be twisted in small quantity for an instant need for seasoning. You can also wrap those sensitive fruits like peaches in a kitchen tissue paper for an extra protection before packing it.

Containers and flasks are now spill-proof, which are best for storing any kinds of liquids whether hot or cold.

You may also add some excitement for kids by assigning an individual lunch boxes for their favorite finger foods. Kids love surprises and will enjoy their food more.

Picnics nowadays are becoming a traditional way of reunions and get-together that is why there are many varieties of transportation methods available for convenience. The wicker picnic baskets are very convenient and easy to carry with a suitcase-like shape. They are also available in variety of colors and designs.

You will also need an insulated container like coolers to keep your drinks and some foods fresh and cold. It is available in boxes, bags, chests and buckets depending on the size of attendees and your time travel. It is available in backpacks for those picnic venues wherein it is just a walk away. Whether you will use small backpack or a hamper, keep it organize to save space and will make your transportation comfortable.



Your kids will truly love this easy and delicious finger food. It is very convenient to prepare for you can do it ahead of time. Can be served hot or warm and perfect side dish to any main dish you have in your picnic menu.




•    8 pcs    large potatoes, peeled and cooked
•    1 t    salt
•    1 cup    milk
•    ½ t    onion salt
•    ¼ cup    butter; melted
•    8 oz    American cheese or cheddar cheese
•    1 cup    cornflakes; crushed
•    ¼ cup    butter; melted

1. Mash the potatoes with milk, salt, onion salt and ¼ cup butter
2. Chill the mixture until it is firm
3. Cut the cheese into 1-inch cubes
4. Shape the chilled mashed potatoes around the cubed cheese into 2 1/2” balls
5. Roll the balls in the cornflakes
6. Brush with the remaining butter and place on a greased baking sheet
7. Bake for 20 minutes or until golden brown at 350oF
8. Wrap separately with a colored cling wrap for added design


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