Summer Picnics with Safe Seafood


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There is something good about summer that people craves for seafood and picnics. This goes well to those who experienced a harsh winter season. Summer seems to be the perfect time to enjoy the outdoors with your favorite seafood such as lobster and the crabmeat you have always craved to eat outdoor. Mostly, people always thought that this is the perfect time also to go fishing and picnic at the same time. Their catch for the day will be included in the picnic menu. However, seafood is hard to maintain and many precautions must be observed. If seafood is not properly handled, food poisoning and infections might happen. From the time it was bought, stored and cooked, there are proper and right guidelines to follow and must kept in mind so that accidents can be avoided.




Buying and Storing Tips:

•    If you bought the seafood in a store, check for the refrigeration facilities, licenses and proper sanitation inside the store. How they package their sea products do really matter.

•    You can determine fresh fish through their mild sea breeze smell. If it has a strong smell, it only indicates that it is not fresh anymore and may not be good for consumption especially if you will transport it to your picnic venue.

•    Inspect the eyes of the fish if they it is still shiny and bright red in color. They also have pink gills if still fresh and their scales clings closer to the body.

•    Shells like crabs, mussels and lobsters must be still alive when you bought it in store. You can also ask the vendors or check the tag that is attached in the shell produce for its origin.

•    Still with the shell produces, smell is the easiest way to know its freshness. Oysters, mussels and scallops smells like mild breeze. Otherwise, they are not fresh anymore if their odor is strong.

•    Always check the packaging of those frozen fish or any shell products. Shellfish must be kept in moisture-proof containers, fishes must be very well frozen but no ice crystals, and freezer burns.

•    All seafood is sensitive to sudden temperature change. If the temperature soars, fishes rot fast. It is very much advisable to keep the seafood in the refrigerator after purchase.  However, if you bought fresh fish, it must be kept in refrigerator where the temperature is low.

•    If a frozen fish was never consumed completely, never put it back to the refrigerator again. Shell produce may be stored in a container, which is not airtight and must be covered with damp cloth.

•    Once you have opened seafood from its packaging, cook it immediately.

•    During picnics, always keep your raw seafood in your cooler and never take it out until ready for cooking.




Alternatives for lobster: Bay Shrimp or Crabmeat

A multi-purpose sandwich idea that is so delicious but so simple, either with lobster, shrimp or crabmeats. You can also use tarragon, basil, chives or chervil in lieu of parsley.

■    1 lb    lobster meat
■   8 oz    cream cheese
■   ½ cup    mayonnaise; low-fat
■   1 cup    parsley leaves or any herbs you prefer; finely chopped
■    1 t    Worcestershire sauce
■    2 t    lemon juice
■    Salt and Pepper to taste
■    4 pcs    hard rolls; 5 inches each

Cooking Procedure:

■    Remove the lobster meat by picking the membranes and shells, put it in a mixing bowl
■    Combine cream cheese, parsley, mayonnaise, Worcestershire sauce, lemon juice, pepper and salt in a food processor. Puree and season according to taste
■    Add the cream cheese mixture in the lobster meat and combine by stirring
■    Cut the hard roll into two halves lengthwise, make sure to leave the other side attached with each other
■   Spoon the lobster filling on one side of the roll
■    Securely wrap it in a clean plastic wrap followed with an aluminum foil
■    Can be eaten warm or cold

This is a ready to serve sandwich so never store it with your other raw seafood. Bacteria in raw foods can transfer fast to other foods and may cause food poisoning and infection. Proper guidelines must be observed at all times. Sandwiches packed for picnics must stay dry and very well sealed. The aluminum foil is necessary so that the fillings will not spill.

You may add more vegetables to this sandwich such as lettuce, carrots or sweet onions before eating. Make sure that vegetables were still fresh from the cooler.


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