Summer Picnic Activities


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Summer Picnic Activities

Summer marks a great time for picnics with friends, family, and loved ones. Everyone from children to adults loves interacting with the family, while enjoying the great outdoors. Many people emphasize the importance of food at picnics. Although the food options play a key role, summer picnic activities are essential as well. This article provides you with flawless tips when planning summer picnic activities for children, adults, and even business parties.

Activities for Adults

Many picnics are centered on children and tend to involve allowing the kids to ride bikes or play on the playground. However, picnics can be great for adults as well. When planning your next picnic make sure to include games and activities for the older participants as well. Horseshoes are an age-old game that never fails to entertain. Setup is easy and only requires purchasing a kit. Another game ideal for adults is volleyball. Most parks and picnic areas already have volleyball nets up, only requiring you to bring a ball. Scavenger hunts, touch football, and Frisbee golf are a few other picnic activities that adults tend to love.

Activities for Children

Everyone knows that if you fail to keep children entertained at a picnic everything will turn into a disaster. Rest assured there are several easy ways to keep the young ones occupied and having a great time. Face painting is always a hit and requires very little preparation and expense. Simply pick up a cheap face painting kit on your way to the park. Pin the tail on the donkey or busting a piñata are two other activities that are ideal for picnics. You can also bring a kid’s pool to the picnic site and allow the children to splash around for a fun time that is guaranteed to succeed.

Activities for All

Although there are some activities great for children or adults, there are some summer picnic activities that are ideal for everyone, regardless of age. Creating a fire pit to allow for marshmallow roasting and making smores is something that everyone can enjoy. Also bring a portable CD player for dance music or karaoke. A nice game of kickball can also be entertaining for everyone. Limbo, hide and seek, sack races, and balloon tosses can also provide exciting activities for all to enjoy.

Whenever planning a picnic don’t forget to include tasty food on the menu. Most people bring the food with them to the picnic; however, opting to grill out at the picnic site can provide a great bonding experience for the entire family. Allow your children to learn how to barbeque on the grill as part of the experience. Regardless of your method of cooking, summer picnic activities can make or break your day in the sun. When planning the activities keep your participants in mind and ensure that activities are designed for the appropriate age groups. Don’t just opt for the typical playground—get creative and use summer picnic activities to bring your family and friends together in an exciting way.




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