Steamed Green Beans Picnic Idea with Herbs


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The green beans picnic idea recipe that we have prepared for you today, among other, can have two variations: vegetarian and non-vegetarian. You can prepare it in advance at home and bring to the outdoors event in a container. Also this recipe you can use as a main course, salad, or a garnish for the main picnic meal. Green beans are very popular in Europe and United States. The British call this vegetable the “French beans”.

Green beans and vegetables.

Green beans and vegetables.

Green beans (also known as string beans) are wholesome and nutritious as they are rich in vitamins (A, С, B1, В2, В6, РР), minerals (iron, calcium, magnesium, manganese, potassium, etc.), micronutrients (lutein, ß-carotene, zeaxanthin), and dietary fiber. Thus, beans have a number of health benefits and are perfect for diet.

In summer and early autumn, markets offer abundance of different types of green beans. Green beans casserole is a traditional American Thanksgiving meal. Still there are numerous recipes and methods of cooking the beans. Green beans can be grilled, sautéed, steamed, and boiled. They can be used solely, in salads, soups, or sauces. Also, they go perfectly in pair with the steamed asparagus refreshed with lemon juice or a few vinegar drops. For your review herein we offer a steamed green beans recipe with herbs as an option of a healthy food for the picnic.

There are many sorts of stringless beans now available on the market. The bean pods can be round or flat, green, yellowish, with purple spots, or completely purple. Although some sorts are cultivated as having stronger flavor, for this picnic idea, it really does not matter which type you choose. What matters, is that the pods be tender, be rich in color (green if you buy the green ones, etc.), and have no strings.

Tips: To check whether the pods are stringless chip and pull one end if it brakes clear the pod is tender and stringless. Also, pods with mature beans inside will most likely mean they are tough and with strings – and thus not good for cooking.

Steamed green beans.

Steamed Green Beans.

1 lb (or 0.5 kg) green beans (fresh and stringless)
1 medium size onion
1-2 medium size garlic cloves
2 tbps vegetable (olive) oil
1 free-range egg (optional)
Herbs: coriander, parsley, dill, basil
Seasoning: salt and black pepper
To trim: tomato
Note: This picnic idea yields 3-4 portions.


How to Prepare Green Beans
Wash the beans in the fresh water, trim the ends, and cut the pods at an angle to your desired length. If you use frozen beans unfroze the beans before you cook them. If they are already cut in pieces use the green beans that way.

How to Steam Green Beans
Place the beans in a sauté pan or saucepan. Finely chop the onion and add to the beans. Add half glass of fresh (or better the boiled) water to the pan. Sprinkle salt and freshly ground black pepper. Bring to the boil on a medium-low heat and let it simmer for about 5 minutes. The short thermal treatment from one hand preserves most nutrients intact and, from the other is enough to make the beans tender and flavorous to its best. Stir and toss beans in a while. The steam from this small amount of water will be enough to make the beans cooked through. However, you may cook them as little or as long as is enough to get beans to your preferred doneness.

Add thinly chopped garlic cloves and herbs to the pan just a couple of minutes before turning off the heat. Cook the beans with the lid covered. You can either add the oil along with the water in the beginning or sprinkle it over the meal when cooked.

If you are more for a non-vegetarian type then break a free-range egg in a small bowl, whisk the egg a bit. You may add some more salt to the egg and then empty the bowl into the beans just before adding garlic and herbs. Stir the beans well to coat them evenly in the whisked egg.

To Serve
You can serve the steamed green beans as a picnic food both hot and cold. To serve, spoon the cooked beans on the plate, sprinkle oil (if needed), add a couple of tomato slices on one side, and trim with herb springs to your taste. You can also have the meal with sour cream or yoghurt. Steamed beans are delightedly refreshing as a garnish with grilled chicken breasts or barbeque. Bon appetite!

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