Spring Romantic Picnic Food Ideas: Chinese Touch


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The two picnic ideas are quick recipes and quite easy to make. Try and you will see how special the grilled salmon with vanilla and prawns and the spring rolls are. The both romantic recipes have Chinese touch. Why not to taste exotic at a romantic dinner? Enjoy!

Grilled Salmon.

Grilled Salmon.

Grilled Salmon with Vanilla and Prawns
Preparation takes less than half an hour – some 20 mins; cooking: 20-30 mins. Yileds: 4.


2 handfuls baby watercress leaves
2 handfuls baby spinach leaves
1 mango
3 tbsp coriander cress
1 tbsp white-wine vinegar
3 tbsp rapeseed oil
Seasoning: 1 pinch sugar, salt, black pepper.

Note: Peel the mango, remove the stone, and cut into ¼ inch (0.5cm) dice.

1lb 2oz (500g) salmon fillet
4oz (110g) melted butter
1 vanilla pod

1oz (25g) plain flour
1oz (25g) cornflour
Seasoning: pinch salt
3-4fl oz (75-110ml) sparkling water
12 raw king prawns

Note: pin bones of the salmon, remove the skin, and cut into ¼ inch (0.5cm) thick slices. Split the vanilla pod; scrape out the seeds (use a knife). Remove heads and shells removed of the prawns and devein them.


Drop the watercress, coriander cress, and spinach leaves in a medium bowl. Add the 0.5 of the diced mango and toss to mix. Blend rest of the mango with white-wine vinegar till pureed. With the motor on you may carefully add some oil to emulsify the puree. Season with sugar, salt, and pepper. Tip the puree over the salad, stir till mixed well; set aside.

Preheat the grill to maximum. Put a bottomless tart ring or the chef’s one on the baking tray. Lay ¼ of the salmon slices in the ring slightly overlapped. In a small bowl, combine vanilla seeds with the melted butter. Season with salt and black pepper to taste. Add the mix over the salmon slices; remove the ring. Do the same till all salmon is laid in layers. Grill the salmon rings for 2 mins. When cooked though, slide each ring on the serving plates.

Fill a deep-sided skillet upto 2/3 with oil, place over the heat till very hot (not smoking). In a medium bowl combine cornflour, flour, sparkling water and season with salt. Whisk the mixture till well incorporated. Coat the prawns in the formed batter and at once carefully drop in the hot oil. In a couple of minutes when crisp and golden-brown remove the prawns (use slotted spoon). Drain on the paper towel. Tip: When cooked the prawns are pink.

How to serve this romantic picnic food idea: spoon salad on the plate over the salmon circle, put several prawns on top.

Chicken and Veggie Rolls.

Chicken and Veggie Rolls.

Chicken and veggie rolls
You may prefer the delicate crisp rolls as your romantic picnic food. This meal is prepared in some 20 minutes and cooked in just 10! Yields: 8.

1 tbsp groundnut oil
7oz (200g) chicken breast fillets (skinless)
4 Chinese mushrooms (dried)
1 tbsp light soy sauce
3oz (75g) beansprouts
2 spring onions (large)
1 small carrot
1 beaten egg yolk
1 tbsp five-spice powder
1 tsp grated fresh root ginger
0.5 tbsp light soy sauce
1 tbsp oyster sauce
16 large spring roll wrappers (ready to use)
Seasoning: sea salt, ground white pepper

Note: chop the chicken fillet into small (pea-size) bits. For 20 mins soak the mushrooms in hot water, then drained and thinly chop them. Finely slice the onions lengthways. Have the carrot cut into thin shreds. Have extra groundnut oil for deep-frying.

Heat a fat-bottom and deep-sided frying pan or a wok, pour in the groundnut oil. Stir-fry the mushrooms and the chicken bits for a couple of mins. Sprinkle the soy sauce, add five-spice powder empty from the pan set aside to cool. Clean the pan as you will need it for the rolls.

In a bowl combine: the fried chicken, mushrooms, beansprouts, onion slices, and carrot shreds. Season with oyster and soy sauce, ginger, salt and white pepper; stir.

To prevent rolls from braking use two wrappers at a time. Put 2 tbsp of the filling into the center and wrap the rolls. Brush corners of the wrappers with the cornflour paste. Press the opposite sides together and the bottom corner to the middle. Roll the wrapper towards the top corner.  Fold the top edge in. To seal it use the beaten yolk. Do the same till all wrappers and filling is used. Tip: Roll the wrappers as you like.

Fill the frying pan upto ¼ with the oil. Place over heat until gets hot (not smoking). Slowly put in the rolls and cook 2 mins till crisp and golden-brown. Remove from the oil; set aside to drain. Serve this romantic picnic food idea hot.

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