Serbian barbecue


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Serbian barbecue

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Barbecue is the name of the device and a special way to prepare food. There are several types of barbecue. In Serbia we prepare barbecue on a special type of charcoal called cumur that provides exceptional flavor and juiciness. And smell that barbecue spread  is story for itself. Serbian people are very social and we like our free time to spend on a qualitative ways. One of those ways is to prepare grill in nature, countryside, parks if it is allowed there, in the company of our family and friends and we just enjoy in those simply things.

In any case grilled meat is recommended as the healthiest. On the surface of meat roasted on the grill is created a protective layer of nutrients.  In meat are preserved all the nutritional juices.  Because of that the meat on the grill should often be in the menu.

In Serbia we often prepare kebabs, ćevapi, Leskovac burgers, sausages, chicken , fish, and often different types of vegetables.

It is the best to use fresh meat. Meat should first sit in the spices well. What spices we use depends on the type of meat we prepare. It is a classics to immerse the meat in the  mixture of oil and pepper and Vegeta.

Barbecue should be well heated in order to the surface of meat would quickly brown and nutritious and aromatic juices would not leak . We should previously coat barbecue with oil. Upon request we can put on a little fresh basil, for additional flavor. To make the meat juicy, we should coat it with oil during baking  Barbecue  prepared in this way will satisfy the greatest gourmets.

We can grill vegetables also, especially that which is firmly like tomato, celery, mushrooms. It is coated with oil first.

It is very yummy potatoes that are grilled after cooking in the wather.Boiled, peeled and coled potatoes we cut up to in length, between half to insert a thicker piece of melted cheese, coat potatoes with oil, sprinkle with dry red pepper and pepper, wrap it in foil and grill it on the barbecue about 20 minutes. We serve potatoes on the table with the foil and eat from it.

We serve barbecue with salads of fresh vegetables. The ideal is a Serbian salad.The recipe you can finde on: Serbian Salad

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