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Romantic Picnic Recipes :


Making Picnic Love Sandwiches


Finding romantic picnic recipes is not always easy. Usually you have to ask a friend, or your mom (and who wants to ask their mom about anything romantic?), and you may not always like what recipes you receive. Making a romantic picnic dish may also seem more difficult than it really is. This is why I have written this article – to give you easy to make romantic picnic recipes that will definitely hit the spot with a nice, romantic meal. (You will even have fun with this one. I promise.)

Romantic Picnic Recipes: The Ingredients


The name of this recipe – Love Sandwiches – might sound weird, but it is called that for a reason. Love between two people involves, among other things, doing something together whenever possible. It involves sharing something between two people. You and your significant other can connect in this way anywhere, no matter what you are doing – even eating. Love sandwiches simply are sandwiches that you two make for each other. And while they can be as simple as you want them to be, this recipe will allow you and your special someone to enjoy each other and a little fun in a classic way.

Here is what you will need. If you know your partner has a favorite type of sandwich bread, bring that. If not, I suggest bringing the following: marbled rye bread, French baguettes, melba toast, whole wheat honey bread, and small pitas. For added effect, reduce each to small portions, a little bigger than bite-size. You will then need to bring sandwich fillings. I suggest the following: prosciutto ham, roasted turkey breast, honey-baked ham, roast beef, grilled sliced chicken breast, cheese (Brie, Swiss, provolone, mozzarella, cheddar), ripened plum tomato slices, leafy green lettuce, baby spinach leaves, banana peppers, sweet pickle slices, and any other of your favorite ingredients. Try to use something you have not tried before, though; that makes it fun. You should also bring mayonnaise, Dijon mustard, honey mustard, fruit spread, quiche spread, or any other sandwich condiment that you will like.

Romantic Picnic Recipes: Putting It All Together

Before you go, make sure the ingredients are in small portions. The object is for you and your partner to make small sandwiches with – and for – each other. Experiment. Try different combinations. Have fun with it. It is especially fun when you include a nice sampling of exotic foods that you two have never had before. For example, there are plenty of cheeses out there in the world that you can find wherever you live, more than likely. You probably have not even heard of them, much less eaten them, which is perfect for this recipe. You can and should experiment with your food combinations and dare each other to make unique and creative sandwiches. This is a great way to not only enjoy your food, but to really enjoy each other as well.

Another way to add a unique twist to this activity is to write down the names of each ingredient on slips of paper. Place the bread slips together, the meat slips together, the other ingredient slips together, and the condiment slips together. Then, draw one of each and see what you come up with. If you have a wide and diverse selection, this can result in some hilarious moments. After all, part of romance is enjoying your time with your partner. It does not have to be all serious and sensual; a fun time is just as romantic as one spent with roses, champagne, and soft music. And with Love Sandwiches, romance and fun are definitely what you will get.


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