Romantic Picnic Food Ideas: Romance On The Lawn


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Romance on the Lawn

Jennifer Allen

Gone seem to be the days when a man and a woman would idle away a lazy afternoon, dancing the slow courtship dance under the canopy of green foliage above them. Gone are the checkered cloths laid out on the lawn and gone too is the wicker basket filled with treats meant to both impress and sustain. These days have been replaced by cyber chatting and hurried cups of coffee over sugary treats that have been made with neither love nor attention. The courtship ritual has been tossed aside for efficiency and convenience, and I for one find this a shame.

Bring back the picnic! Take the time to organize and prepare a basket full of delights to show your chosen one that you really do care. Not only is the picnic the quintessential expression of romance, but it allows one to relax, unwind and express your self away from behind a computer screen or iPhone.

There is no lack of recipes out there that will both appeal and charm your date, but there are some things that you should keep in mind while planning your picnic. First of all, consider that you’ll be eating perhaps without cutlery, and likely without a table. Therefore, finger foods or foods eaten only with a fork are a must. Don’t serve your guest spaghetti dripping in sauce for goodness sake!

Secondly, consider that your foods need to be portable. Abstain from using highly temperature sensitive meats like raw fish or mayonnaise heavy dishes. Opt instead for cooked meats and befriend the humble citrus. Avoid gloppy dressings and instead choose light and fresh flavors.

Finally, be aware of what kind of sweets you pack. Many kinds of chocolate or whipping cream are heat sensitive and will wilt, droop, bloom (not a good thing) or otherwise turn nasty if not being held in the right kind of humidity and temperature. Better yet, pack up the basket when you’re finished and walk off, hand in hand, in search of a local ice cream parlor.

The times may change and things always come and go, but the art of the picnic is one of those nostalgic feel-good moments that you will always cherish. Take a moment out of your hectic schedule and plan a date from the heart, with slow food and easy conversation; you’re sure to impress.

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