Picnics are Wonderful. A Wine Guide for Picnics .


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Picnics are wonderful; in what other venue can you be both relaxed and romantic?  They are the perfect way to spend quality time with your loved ones, and what’s best is it’s an affordable way to enjoy a great meal and the outdoors at the same time!  Find the spot, bring a blanket, your picnic basket filled with assortments of fun, delicious food, and lay back and relax.  For us at EasyFoodandWine, the word “picnic” conjures up bright green parks on a warm sunny summer day.  And how better to enjoy the warmth than with something refreshing, cold, and sparkling?  The following are our top picks for wines that go with both the relaxed atmosphere of the picnic and the easy, light fare you’ve brought to eat.  Picnic fun food and wine pairing .

Prosecco: Cheaper than most French Champagne, Prosecco delivers the same bubbly and romantic experience.  Prosecco might be lighter for the wallet, but it’s not lighter in taste.  Flavors of pear, apple, and vanilla, Prosecco is mouthwatering and clean, and on a warm day, it’s a refreshing thirst quencher that goes with pretty much any food.   Our top picks:

NV Nino Franco Rustico Prosecco, Friuli-Venezia Giulia
Generously bubbly. Fresh and slightly sweet aroma, with a yeasty, rich hint on the palate. ($20)

NV Zardetto Prosecco, Veneto
Zesty, light and fruit-forward, this wine is breezy and simple. Very refreshing! ($13.99)

Rosé:  If you think White Zinfandel when you think of Rose, think again. Fine rose wines are juicy, full-flavored and dry (not sweet). This wine comes in a variety of styles bridging the spectrum between whites and reds, from lighter, paler styles to darker, full-bodied selections that are almost like a red wine. Fruity, dry, elegant, even sparkling, there are a number of different types of Rosé you can choose from.  Our top picks:

2009 Domaines Ott Les Domaniers
From the reigning region of rosé – Provence. Classic, elegant and refreshing! ($19.99)

2006 Mouton Cadet Rosé, Bordeaux
Made primarily from Merlot, this rosé is deep in color with bold but somewhat simple flavors. ($8)

Sparkling Red Wine:  Yes we said it, RED! Did you know that many of the finest sparkling wines are actually made from red grapes like Pinot Noir? They are made into white or rose styles, but if allowed to ferment on the skins for a longer time, you get a sparkling red wine. Bubbly reds can be made with different grapes, and our two selections below are both made from Shiraz. These are heavier in body so are great choices to enjoy with bold, cheesy, or meaty dishes.  Our top picks:

NV Hardys Australia Sparkling Shiraz

Flavors of blackberry and raspberry with a touch of sweetness                             ($20.00)

2003 Majella Coonawarra Sparkling Shiraz

Jammy, earthy, dark and rich.

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Hope you have enjoyed our brief wine guide for your picnic food ideas. Thank you!

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