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Picnic is a good way of getting the family together and spending some time enjoying. But there are many things which can make your picnic a boring occasion. These things can be choosing a wrong place, cooking food that consumes a lot of time and also needs a lot of effort and not playing around with the family. Many people know where to go for picnic such as beach, park, hilly are or any. But the main problem arises due to factors. People spend all the time on cooking and then do not have to enjoy or they get so much tired that they are unable to play games. People don’t even know what to play. Games for children are many but sometimes adults also want to play games but they don’t have any. Some picnic games for adults can be:

Murder Mystery Picnic

Make a murder mystery and tell one person to act upon it. The remaining people can guess the act. You can also make two teams and then carry this game. The team which loses can be asked to make food for the entire family. This game is very popular in clubs and Hollywood parties so you can try it on your family picnic as well. It is just like a mystery game that is played on board, the only difference is that you have to act in this game and the rest have to guess.

Victim-Detective game

In this game, sit in a circle and make small slips. The number of slips should be same as number of people playing. Except for 2 slips, on every slip write ‘victim’. On one remaining slip write ‘murderer’ and on the other remaining slip write ‘detective’. Then, randomly distribute the slips. What you have to do is that the detective has to find the murderer and the murderer has to kill all the victims. The killing will be secretly winking at any player so no one else gets to know. The person who sees the winks and is a victim will say ‘I am dead’ and get out of the game so it can be continued. The detective has to find the murderer before everyone gets killed. If he finds, he is the winner and if he does, the murderer is the winner. You will really enjoy in this game. The more the players, the more will be the joy.

Act the Part

In this game there are no teams. Every person who is playing can select a celebrity for himself and then act the way the celebrity is. Then, everyone else has to guess him. He can act as many times as he wants so if the other person is unable to guess, he will win and gain points. If the person guesses correctly, then his points will be detected. Moreover, only 15 seconds should be given for the act.

These are some really interesting games which can be played when you are going on a picnic.


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