Picnic Food Ideas for Christmas


Posted by Roth McCoy | Posted in Holidays | Posted on 13-12-2010

Picnic Food Ideas for Christmas

This holiday, picnic goers are just as frequent as ever. Families still love going to the park and enjoy a lovely day with one another. And it would not be a Christmas picnic without different varieties of Christmas. So here are just some happy holiday picnic ideas that are easy to make and light on the pocket!

Christmas Cookies

Cookies are a great and traditional Picnic food. So for a holiday picnic, you can whip up your own. Just buy several cookie cutters shaped into Christmas-related shapes. You can also use food coloring and “paint” your cookies to liven them up. Or if you are no baker, you can always buy a batch of seasonal cookies at your nearest bakeshop because they are sure to be the theme of the month.

Good old soup

Since December is one of the coldest months of the year, it is always good to bring some hot soup. It can be any kind of soup, whether canned or homemade and potato or beef. And make sure to bring the lightest bowls you have!


It would not be a Christmas picnic without old-fashioned muffins. Bake them yourself or buy from the store, either way they will be a great addition to your outing. Perfect varieties of muffins for the holidays are orange, pecan, and cranberries. Enjoy this delicious treat and try adding some holiday spirit into them by decorating them with colorful sprinkles.

Turkey Sandwiches

Turkey’s are still the main course for Christmas just as much as they are during Thanksgiving. Pack delicious turkey sandwiches filled with mayo, lettuce, cheese, and any other condiments you can think of (just don’t over do it!). It will be fulfilling in your stomach and it makes for a great Christmas symbol. And Tofurkey is just as good!

Candy Canes

Just treat the wonderful candy canes as a desert. You do not have to bring a basketful of these sweet treats; one for each person with you is enough. It makes for a fun and unique twist to your outdoor bonding with loved ones!

The All Magnificent Pie

Pies are for all around and they come in many, many varieties. One of the best pies recommended for Christmas is the Apple Pie. It is a classic among pie lovers and it sets of a very intoxicating aroma to brighten up any holiday feast. Bring a slice for each member and enjoy a mouth watering family favorite!


Who can ever forget about eggnog? Bring them in a container together with some cups to complete the Christmas picnic experience. You and your loved ones will feel satisfied physically and emotionally as you enjoy a wonderful day together.

So plan that trip ahead and don’t forget to pick a perfect spot to enjoy your picnic. Picnics are a great way to bring people together and share a wonderful day filled with food laughter. December is zooming by fast, so do not delay that awesome picnic day!

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