Picnic Food Ideas for Children


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Picnic Food Ideas for Children

If you have a family, or work with children of all ages, then a summer picnic in the fresh, open air is a perfect way to entertain them and help them burn off some of that energy that kids have from being inside all day. Taking them to a park, or to a playground, or even to an open field, is a great way to enjoy your time with them – and let them enjoy their time with you. In this article I will share you with you a few tried-and-true picnic food ideas for children, to make your picnic a fun experience for all.

The Best Sandwich Food Ideas

The centerpiece of any successful kid-centric picnic is the sandwich. They are easy to make, not very messy, and easy to clean up after – and kids love them. If you want a simple picnic food that you can throw together easily, then make the classic peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Children love PB&Js and will have no problem with eating them, so you do not have to worry about fussy children.

If you do not want to go the PB&J route, then bring a variety of sandwich meats and ingredients (such as mustard, mayo, lettuce, tomato, cheese, etc.) and let the children make their own sandwiches. Children love to be creative and to make things that are their own; letting them fix their own food teaches them a little responsibility and lets them have fun at the same time.

And if you decide you want a simple yet tasty treat to give your children with a minimum of prep time or fuss, then I suggest making grilled cheese sandwiches for them. A grilled cheese sandwich is a delicious yet easy to fix treat that any kid will love, so packing a basket full of them is highly recommended and is a great picnic food idea.

Picnic Food Ideas for Dessert that Children will Love

Everyone knows that children really look forward to desserts at any meal, especially a picnic. But a picnic may not be appropriate for many typical desserts, such as ice cream (which will melt easily and get very messy). If you want a no-fuss dessert, then try baking cookies. (You do not have to bake them, of course, but making them yourself adds that personal touch.) Chocolate chip cookies are generally the preferred cookies for children, but you can also throw in some variety by including peanut butter cookies, fudge cookies, or your common sugar cookies with icing.

Another great picnic food idea for dessert is watermelon. Having watermelon with your meal is a great way to cool down your kids, as well as give them a healthy treat that tastes wonderful. Plus, all you have to do is bring the watermelon and cut it up. Watermelon also hydrates well, so you get some protection from the sun. And what kid does not enjoy having contests to see who can spit the seeds out the furthest?

Taking children to a picnic is a great activity for the summer. Hopefully these picnic food ideas I have shared with you will help to make this great activity even better.


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