Picnic Activities for Preschoolers


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Picnic Activities for Preschoolers

A picnic is terrific fun for the whole family, but it isn’t just because of the food (although that is a huge part of it!). You can actually come up with plenty of amazing activities that will keep anyone engrossed – even preschoolers.

Creating a great picnic outing for small children basically just involves coming up with great picnic activities for preschoolers. Preschoolers are energetic, active, and very curious, and love more than anything to have a simple yet engaging activity to keep them occupied during the picnic. The picnic activities for preschoolers listed below are wonderful ways to entertain small children and keep them happily busy.

Picnic Activities for Preschoolers #1: Sing-along

Preschoolers love to sing. Having a sing-along is a great way to encourage all of the kids to participate – and is a good way for parents to have fun with their child at a picnic.

One of my all-time favorite picnic songs for small children is “I am Going on a Picnic”. The adult starts off by singing:

“I am going on a picnic.
My name is ____ and I am going to bring [insert picnic item].”

The children repeat each line as it is sung or spoken. Then, it goes to someone else, who says the same thing, except they use their own name and come up with a picnic item of their own. It is a blast for preschoolers, who especially love to sing personalized songs.

Picnic Activities for Preschoolers #2: Picnic Sort-a-basket

Picnic activities can be educational as well as entertaining. This next activity teaches preschoolers to make conceptual connections by teaching them to recognize parts of a particular category.

Take a picnic basket and fill it with random items that are commonly associated with a picnic. For example, you can use a fork, spoon, napkin, ketchup bottle, salt shaker, mustard bottle, paper plate, cup – even pictures of typical picnic foods, like sandwiches. Then, include items that are not associated with a picnic, like a toothbrush, toy car, bottle of glue, crayon, etc.

See if your preschoolers can pick out the items that belong at a picnic. Encourage creative thinking; for example, include a picture of an ant and see if the preschoolers make that connection. If preschoolers pick a wrong item, but can provide an interesting explanation of how it fits, then applaud their creativity while explaining to them how the item does not fit.

Picnic Activities for Preschoolers #3: Picnic Match

This is a fun game to play that also encourages preschoolers to learn and practice math. Take the children to a picnic table and tell them that you are going to need their help laying out the table. Put four plates on the table, and say you are going to have four place settings. Then, place three napkins down and ask if that is enough for the table.

Then, place five forks down and ask if that is enough. Encourage their cooperation as you test their math skills and let them “lead” you in setting up the table.


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