Picnic Activities for Kids


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Picnic Activities for Kids

Picnics are perfect activities for the entire family – children and adults alike. Not only is there great food, but there is also the prospect for fun-filled activities that are guaranteed to entertain anyone, especially kids. If you are searching for a way to keep children entertained, engaged, and happy (which makes a picnic worth having), then these picnic activities for kids will do just that.

Cooking Lessons

This is a great activity for a cookout. Kids love to learn, and they are fascinated by what adults do – and often, if given the chance, would love to have an opportunity to do it themselves. Grilling out is no exception. One of the best ways to entertain a kid during a cookout is to take them and actively teach them how to properly grill a meal at a picnic.

Don’t just tell them, though; show them as well, and let them help by preparing the food. This is a good educational opportunity, too, because you can teach them about the importance of properly cooking food and how to safely prepare a meal. You will also enjoy the interaction and the chance to teach someone a valuable skill – grilling a delicious dish at a picnic!

Water Balloon Fun

A bag full of water balloons and a water hose are all you need for an afternoon full of fun and excitement for your kids. Kids love water balloons – and love the friendly mayhem that comes with water balloons as well. Besides, what is better than getting nice and wet on a hot, sunny summer day?

You can have a free-for-all water balloon fight, or can split up kids into teams and play Capture the Flag. If you want something a bit tamer you can play water balloon toss. Have the kids pair up, with each pair holding one balloon. With the partners facing each other, have them toss the balloon to their partner. With each successful catch, the kids each take one step back. The last team with an intact, unpopped balloon is the winner.

Badminton and Frisbee

Badminton is one of my favorite picnic activities for kids (and adults) because it is easy to play and is a lot of fun. You can purchase lawn badminton kits at your local sporting goods store that are inexpensive and easy to set up. A badminton set comes with 4-6 racquets, a net assembly system, and birdies, plus a set of rules if you need to know how to play.

You can also go extra-cheap and just bring a Frisbee. Playing ultimate Frisbee is a terrific way to spend an afternoon, since it is an energetic and enjoyable sport that gets everyone up and moving. If you do not have enough room to play a full game, just let the kids enjoy tossing the Frisbee back and forth. It will keep them entertained and happy while you prepare a delicious feast.

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