Picnic Activities for Independence Day


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Picnic Activities for Independence Day

There are many picnic activities which can be carried on the day of independence. First of all, you should pre-plan with your family about going out on picnic on day of independence. It is best to take the whole family along as well as friends and relatives. Some picnic activities for Independence Day include:

1) Make traditional and easy food at picnic. Try not to get food delivered from a restaurant or get it cooked from home. Enjoying traditional food with your family on such a day is a marvelous moment to enjoy.

2) Now, once you are done with the cooking fun, gather all the children who are with you and make them play games. One interesting game is the marble game. In this game make all the kids stand in a circle. Hand over half kids blue marbles and half kids white marble and one kid a red marble. Now play music and make the children give their marble to the person standing on their left. Everyone will receive a marble from right, this way there marble are rotated in the whole circle. Stop the music and the ones with white marble can get some treat from a bag while the child with red marble will come in the center of the circle and will dance. Keep doing this until every child gets a treat.

3) Another picnic idea is splashing of water balloons. You can divide the whole family in two teams and give red balloons to one team and blue balloons to the other. Fill the balloons with water and through them on the other team.

4) Another interesting thing to do is to make your own fireworks. This is fun for children. Make them color different crayons on a paper with any design they want. Once they are done with it, make them color the whole page with a black crayon. You should make sure that they color the black crayon really hard. In the end, scratch out the black color with a paper clip and see fireworks for yourself.

5) You can also make torches for yourself on a picnic for Independence Day. All you have to need is an old newspaper, some paints and yellow and red tissue papers. Tell the children to give newspaper the shape of a cone and paint it any way they want. Then when it gets dry, put the yellow and red tissue papers inside the cone, which will give the look of flames. The torch is ready for children to play around. They can move and run around with any danger of real fire in a real torch.

These are some things you can do as picnic activities on Independence Day. Independence Day is a real significance in everyone’s life so it should be celebrated the full. Picnics on such days get a real fun for everyone because the whole family takes out time from their busy life and spend it together with real joy.


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