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There are tons of articles out there about picnic activities for small children, boys, girls, teenagers, etc. While these activities are all wonderful opportunities for family fun, we can’t forget that adults can enjoy fun-filled activities at picnics, too. After all, adults plan, set up, and arrange a picnic, as well as prepare the food and ensure that everyone has a good time. Why can’t they share in the fun with their own activities? Here are four terrific picnic activities for adults.

Picnic Activities for Adults #1: Card Games

One great way to entertain a group of adults at a picnic is to bring a deck of cards. There are plenty of games you can play with a deck of cards – everything from Go Fish, hearts, spades, gin, and bridge to Texas Hold ‘Em – one of the most popular picnic card games today. You can even impress each other and children with magic tricks – but remember, practice makes perfect!

Picnic Activities for Adults #2: Horseshoes

The game of horseshoes has been a staple of outdoor fun for a very long time, especially at picnics. The next time you have a picnic and need something to keep adults occupied, bring along a horseshoe set. You can find these sets – either made of plastic, wood, or metal – at your local sporting goods, hobby, or lawn stores. Just set up a stake, mark a line on the ground, and let the shoe-heaving begin.

Picnic Activities for Adults #3: Croquet

If you have ever played croquet, then you know just how much of a good time it can be. This game involves hitting colored balls with mallets through arches on the ground, called wickets. The goal is to navigate your ball through the wicket course and be the first to hit the stake at the end of the course. Along the way, you have to try and knock out other players’ balls by hitting them with your own, all while trying to avoid the same from your competition.

You can buy inexpensive backyard croquet sets that take very little time to set up. Once the wickets and stakes are up, get ready to have a lot of fun!

Picnic Activities for Adults #4: Beachball Volleyball

This is a blast whenever it is played at a picnic – and no sand is required! To play, simply set up a volleyball net (these can be purchased inexpensively; you can even use a badminton net). Then, instead of a regular volleyball, bring out a beachball. The rules are the same for volleyball – create two teams and have at it! The beachball means that you don’t have to be an athlete to have fun, and no one is going to get hot and sweaty or possibly injured by playing.

In the end, the best picnic activities for adults are ones that are fun and creative. Feel free to expand your horizons and branch out. For example, I’ve heard of adults participating in murder mysteries at picnics. How cool is that? Whatever you can imagine that is fun, you can – and should – do.


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