Octagon Picnic Tables and Hexagon Picnic Tables


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Octagon Picnic Tables and


Hexagon Picnic Tables


We use furniture every day, and typically we do not think very much about them – especially picnic tables. To most people, a picnic table is a picnic table is a picnic table. But believe it or not, there are many different types and styles of picnic table that are made in many different materials and come in different colors.

They also come in different shapes besides your standard rectangular table that is so common in parks all over the world. For example, did you know that you can get octagon picnic tables? What about hexagon picnic tables? It is true – and they may offer benefits to you over the regular tables. This article will discuss these types of tables and why you might want to get one of your own.

Benefits of Octagon Picnic Tables and Hexagon Picnic Tables

A regular picnic table allows you to have a place to eat, sit, and talk with your friends and family at a picnic. Most people think that a picnic table is pretty simple, but there is a bit more to it. Your standard picnic table is rectangular, with two benches on either side of the table. Octagon picnic tables and hexagon picnic tables, on the other hand, are shaped differently.

For example, hexagon picnic tables have six sides and feature a large central table with benches on each side capable of seating two people per bench. This way, you can seat 6 people comfortably with plenty of room between people. Octagon picnic tables are the same, except that they have 8 sides and can seat 8 people. Both tables also have an added bonus of having walk-in seating, or gaps between the seats so you can get in and out comfortably.

Why Buy Hexagon Picnic Tables or Octagon Picnic Tables?


There are many great reasons. One reason is that you can save money making your own table than buying a regular picnic table. They are also more attractive than regular tables and can complement a backyard or garden very well. Additionally, when everyone is seated on your table, they can see everyone else easily without having to talk around people with a straight table.

Materials for Hexagon Picnic Tables and Octagon Picnic Tables

When deciding to buy one of these tables, you need to consider what material you want to use. Each material has its own advantages. Wood is the most popular choice because it is versatile and very attractive. Metal is very durable, tends to be lighter than heavy wooden tables, and is quite sturdy. Plastic tables are inexpensive, light, and resilient. All of these materials are great for use for these tables, and the choice really comes down to your personal preference. I personally recommend a nice red cedar octagon or hexagon picnic table because it looks and smells great.

The bottom line is this: octagon picnic tables and hexagon picnic tables have a lot of great benefits for you over regular picnic tables. Consider these the next time you’re shopping for a table for your backyard.

Octagon Picnic Table Plans

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