More Summertime Picnic Food Ideas


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More Summertime Picnic Food




Do you have fond memories of picnics when you were younger? If you do, then I bet they involve lots of great picnic food and even better conversation and excitement. If you have not gone on a picnic before, though, it is still okay because now you have the opportunity to make your own memories for you and your family.

While there are a million places you can go, and a million things you can do, picnic food is still the centerpiece of any successful picnic. This article was written to give you some more great summertime picnic food ideas that are perfect for any outside outing.

Picnic Food Ideas about Cooking

Many people have asked if they should cook beforehand or just bring foods that can be prepared once they get to the park, the beach, or other picnic site. Honestly, whether or not you cook beforehand depends on the picnic food recipes you want to prepare. If you are taking a short trip, and want to cook beforehand so you get the most amount of time at the picnic site for fun, then I recommend cooking at your home and bringing the food with you. If you plan on taking your time, though, and are not planning anything too complicated in terms of picnic food ideas, then you might want to prepare your food there.

Of course, you can do both if it suits you. One picnic food idea is to marinate your hamburgers, steak, or chicken so it gets the most flavor possible before taking it to a grill. So, once you get there, all you have to do is put the meat on the grill, watch it sizzle, and enjoy. If this does not suit you, then sandwiches are always great for on-the-spot preparation.

Picnic Food Ideas about Grilling

Should you decide that you want to grill out at your site, then you will need a few supplies. If you are using a campsite grill, or are bringing a charcoal grill, then you will need a good supply of charcoal. For most outings, one full-size bag should be enough. (Don’t forget the matches.) You will also need tools for cooking. I recommend a flat spatula, a brush (for basting), a pair of tongs (for flipping food), and a two-pronged fork. A knife and fork also won’t hurt either. Tinfoil is another great item to bring for covering up your meat once it gets off of the grill to keep it nice and warm.

One picnic food idea for grilling is to make shish-ka-bobs. A shish-ka-bob is easy to create. All you need are skewers (thin wooden sticks) and your food. I recommend steak, potatoes, tomatoes, green peppers, onions, and whatever else you want to add to it. Just grill these items as appropriate (except for the tomatoes), cut them up into bite-sized pieces, and place them on your skewer in an alternating fashion. There you are! A great tasting shish-ka-bob and a great tasting picnic food idea.

For more mouth-watering picnic food ideas, just search on the internet or watch your favorite cooking show during the summer. In no time you’ll be a picnic food idea expert!

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