More Romantic Picnic Food Ideas For You


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More Romantic Picnic Food


Ideas For You


What is the perfect date? Some would say it is taking a nice, romantic stroll under a moonlit sky. Others would say it is a boating trip to the lake. Still others would say a perfect date is a movie snuggled up together on a couch. I would say that while all of these are great ideas, a romantic picnic is the best all-around date. You get food, togetherness, great conversation, laughter, and romance, all in one. If you have never taken a romantic picnic, and need some picnic food ideas, then this article is for you. I will give you a few outstanding picnic food ideas for your trip down Lover’s Lane.


Using Finger Foods as Picnic Food Ideas

There are few things more intimate and touching than feeding small, bite-sized pieces of food to your significant other. Some of the best picnic food ideas involving bringing these foods to your picnic so you and your partner can take turns sharing a sweet moment with each other. Most people think of chocolates and other candies when you mention this, but you can actually have the same romantic effect with real food. Try chicken nuggets with dipping sauces, like ranch, honey mustard, BBQ, and the like. Spiral finger sandwiches have also become quite popular, like the kind you find at weddings and other events. The point is to use any food that you can offer to your special someone – and them to you.

Sweet Messages with Candy

If you and your partner love candy or chocolates (and who doesn’t?), then you can make them into sweet tokens of your affection and appreciation. You do not even have to cook these yourself. If you do not want to prepare these desserts yourself, then take pre-wrapped candy and write a sweet little note inside the wrapper. Or, draw hearts on the inside of the wrapper. If you want to make candy and chocolate, then wrap them in love notes that you have written and decorated yourself. When your partner unwraps these, they can see your love right there in front of them.

Making Your Sandwich Special: A Creative Picnic Food Idea

This picnic food idea does not have anything to do with cooking, actually, but in how you prepare the sandwich. Ordinary sandwiches can be boring. There is nothing romantic about them. But, you can make your sandwich a bit more intimate and cute for your lover. The first way is to cut your sandwich into the shape of a heart. This works better if you use sliced sandwich bread. Another cute thing you can do with your sandwich is to carve “I Love You” in the meat or bread. You can also surprise your loved one by bringing the ingredients of their favorite sandwich to the picnic – and then making it together.

All of these tips and picnic ideas can help make your romantic picnic special, but really, all you need is love, care, affection, and a little creativity. I hope your picnic outings are made special by the tips in this article, and that you get to have your perfect date soon.

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