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Below you will find three recipes with peas as the main ingredient. Why peas? First, because it is a common daily product, and second – because it is healthy food, rich in vitamin A, B, and C, and can certainly be considered as best choice for picnic ideas. In the recipes peas are accompanied with other products such as: pork (recipe 1), salmon (recipe 2), and ham (recipe 3).

If you decide to have a “peas” day, this combination of the recipes may be used as first and second course, and a snack.

Thick Pea Soup with Pork.

Thick Pea Soup with Pork.

Thick Pea Soup with Pork
This picnic soup is good for all seasons as can be served either hot or cold. Although preparation time takes about half an hour, be ready to have 4 hours as cooking time. As the picnic food yields up to 8 portions you can use it for bigger get-togethers.

2lb 4oz. (1kg) dried green and/or split peas (or both)
2lb 4oz. (1kg) pork shank/leg (with the bone)
4 pig ears (4 ears, optional)
7oz (200g) of smoked bacon
2 or 3 leeks
5 or 7 carrots
1 celeriac
1 head of celery
3 bay leaves
1 bunch of parsley (flat-leaf)
1 smoked sausage
1 tbsp of chopped fresh parsley (flat-leaf)
Seasoning: salt and black pepper

Note: cut the bacon into equal cubes; slice the leeks, carrots, and sausage; peel and cut the celeriac; randomly chop the celery; and tie the parsley bunch with a string. It is also highly preferable to use freshly ground black pepper when cooking.

First of all let the peas soak in the warm water according to the packet directions. Meanwhile, place the pork and the pig ears (optional) in a heavy bottom large pan. Add the rest of the ingredients such as the bacon (smoked), carrots, celeriac, leeks, celery, parsley, bay leaves, and salt. Add water almost to the rim of the pan (1 inch/2cm below it). Make medium heat to bring water to the boil then decrease heat to minimal and let the picnic food simmer for a couple of hours. Some time later if needed add some more boiling water.

Add sausage slices and peas (already soaked) into the pan. When boils leave for the next couple of hours or more till peas become very tender. You may also have half of the peas cooked in a different pan, then purred and added to the soup.

When done, take out the pork, ears, and parsley out of the pan; set aside to cool. Remove pork meat from the bone and return to the soup in small pieces. Season with salt, pepper, and freshly chopped parsley.

Tip: Best to serve with cheese, dark rye bread, and fine slices streaky bacon (fried).

Peas with Salmon and Vegetables.

Peas with Salmon and Vegetables.

Peas with Grilled Salmon
If you feel more for seafood picnic idea, try this recipe. Preparation up to half an hour, cooking some 10 minutes: yields 1-2. You may have the ingredients doubled for more picnic meal portion.

Grilled Salmon

3.5oz (100g) salmon fillet with skin
olive oil
Seasoning: salt and black pepper

1oz (30g) unsalted butter
3.5oz (100g) peas
1 tbsp of white wine vinegar
olive oil (extra virgin)
Seasoning: salt and black pepper

1 lemon wedges


Brush the salmon fillet with freshly ground black pepper and salt. Have a frying pan with olive oil hot on the heat. Lay the fillet with the skin side down on the pan. Panfry for a couple of minutes on each side.

Let butter melt in a medium saucepan. When done, add vinegar, some hot water, and peas. Simmer for up to 5 minutes till peas are tender. Season with black pepper and salt, and drizzle olive oil (extra virgin). If mashed, serve the picnic peas on a plate topped with salmon fillet and garnished with lemon pieces. If not, serve with cherry tomatoes and boiled new potatoes.

Pea Dip with Bacon.

Pea Dip with Bacon.

Pea Dip with Ham
This picnic food can go perfectly as a snack. Preparation and cooking will take about an hour (depends on the peas).

3 garlic cloves
1 3/4oz (100g) peas
5-6 sage leaves
1 tbsp of unsalted butter
1 tbsp of olive oil
Seasoning: salt and black pepper

Note: peel the garlic cloves, use freshly ground black pepper.

Fill a medium size pan half with water; add salt and bring to the boil. Drop garlic cloves (do not cut) into the boiling water and simmer for up to 10 minutes till soft. Add the sage and peas to cook for a couple of minutes. Peas should be tender. Drain them. To make the picnic food pureed either mash it or have it food processed.

Tip: Best to serve the pea dip with cold ham slices. Bacon, prosciutto or cooked ham are also good.

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