Metal Picnic Tables and Aluminum Picnic Tables


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Metal Picnic Tables and Aluminum Picnic Tables

When people think of picnic tables, they typically picture your typical wooden picnic tables with red and white checkered tablecloths on them covered by dish after dish of delicious food. While wooden tables are arguably the most popular types of picnic tables, metal picnic tables and aluminum picnic tables have a lot to offer

themselves. In fact, you will not find a more durable picnic table than one made of metal – as long as you protect it from the elements. In this article, we will review the virtues of metal and aluminum picnic tables and explain why you would want one for your own use.

Why Use Metal Picnic Tables?

The main value of a metal picnic table is durability. Wooden picnic tables look nice, but they are very vulnerable to rain, snow, ice, and sun, as well as damage caused by repeated wear and tear. They can also give off splinters that can be very painful and annoying. This is not to say that wooden picnic tables are bad. They are great in their own right. But if you want a truly durable table that will not be defeated by the elements, then picnic tables made of metal are definitely the way to go.

What Materials Go Into Metal Picnic Tables?

Most picnic tables made of metal are constructed from steel. Steel is quite light and versatile, yet also very strong. Therefore, with metal picnic tables you get a table that can withstand punishment, but is also light enough to move around the backyard or park if you need to do so. You can also find picnic tables made from steel-plastic hybrids, like tables with a steel framework and plastic or fiberglass tables and benches.

Why Use Aluminum Picnic Tables?

Aluminum picnic tables offer the advantages of regular metal picnic tables – and a little more. Aluminum is incredibly light, even more so than steel. Thus, any picnic table crafted out of aluminum will be very light so that you can move them anywhere you need to for maximum portability. Of course, one downside is that they can be adversely affected by strong winds. How do you deal with this issue with aluminum tables and rust with metal ones?

Taking Care of Metal Picnic Tables

Anything metal that is placed outdoors can rust, and metal picnic tables are no exception. No one wants a bunch of rusted out picnic tables that are eyesores – not to mention dangerous to use. To protect your metal tables, you should spray on them a protective anti-rust coating. Apply a coat, let it dry, then apply another. Topping it off with a water sealant could not hurt either.

Aluminum does not rust, per se, but it can be corroded. Chances are, though, that your aluminum picnic tables will be standing strong for a long time. This is one of the best features of aluminum picnic tables, and one of the reasons many people choose them for their backyards.

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