Healthy Picnic Food Ideas: Allergen-Free Suggestions


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Healthy Picnic Food Ideas: Allergen-Free Suggestions

Planning a picnic is, 99% of the time, an awesome activity because it lets you be creative and plan a terrific outing for your family. Having to plan an allergen-free picnic due to food allergies, though, can be challenging. It doesn’t have to be, though – of all picnic food ideas, allergen-free suggestions are as easy to find as any.

This article will go through picnic food ideas and allergen-free food suggestions, and will talk about why this is a very important topic. After all, a picnic should be a place of fun – not a place of potential danger.

Why Picnic Food Ideas and Allergen-Free Suggestions are Important

If you have a food allergy, then there isn’t anything I could tell you that you do not already know. But, if you do not, but have a friend or family member who you know has an allergy to a food – such as peanuts, dairy products, soy, etc. – then you need to be aware of the need to make sure your foods are good to go.

Allergies are caused by your body reacting to pathogens – basically harmful substances – in food. These pathogens, for whatever reason, agitate your body. They can cause annoyance and discomfort – but can also cause more dangerous, potentially life-threatening conditions. That is why anyone with food allergies must be very careful what they eat.

Picnic Food Ideas, Allergen-Free Suggestions: Potential Substitutes

There are several general types of foods that usually cause allergies (although any food can be allergic, generally speaking). One type is dairy foods. Dairy foods – such as milk, butter, yogurt, cheese, etc. – can cause allergies, especially in people who are lactose intolerant. A good percentage of people who are allergic are allergic to dairy foods.

You can find dairy substitutes at your local supermarket that taste virtually the same as the real thing, plus won’t trigger any allergies. So, when you bring sandwiches to the picnic, they can have delicious allergen-free cheese on them.

Wheat, rye, and barley foods contain gluten, which is another food substance that can cause allergens. Since a lot of picnic dishes involve bread of some kind, finding gluten-free bread is important. Again, you should be able to find these substitutes at your local supermarket.

Picnic Food Ideas, Allergen-Free Suggestions: Cooking Materials

What you actually eat is not all you have to worry about. You also have to take into account what you cook your food in – such as food oil.

For example, peanut oil is a very popular oil that is used for cooking a variety of delicious dishes. One of these reasons is because peanut oil is very healthy – but not for people who are allergic to peanuts. One potential substitute is canola oil, which has a similar smoke point and is actually a bit healthier.

Also, if you are frying or baking anything that requires flour, make sure you use gluten-free flour – even if you are just using the flour as a non-stick substance. You can’t be too careful with food allergies.


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What a great blog you have here as well!!! Allergies are such a pain!! Especially food allergies. Personally I’m allergic to almonds, avocados, peaches, mangos, nectarines, plums, kiwis, apricots, (think anything with a pit in the middle of it) So thanks for sharing this even though my allergies don’t touch any of the stuff you mentioned, but it’s still good to be thinking of others!!!

i love your blog too! cute layout!

good idea you have here! of course you have to think of others too! you want all people to enjoy a nice day out not worrying about allergies to food.

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