Healthy and Quick Picnic Recipes for Kids


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Healthy and Quick Picnic Recipes for Kids

A picnic is a special occasion for the family and especially for their kids. In the nature children run about full of energy and joy. Fresh air stimulated high spirits and good appetite. With so many positive emotions the consumed food indeed becomes wholesome for the entire organism. A picnic can be organized to celebrate special event, holiday, a weekend or just be the family get together. The article provides healthy and quick recipes for kids meals and gives important picnic tips.

You may want to make preparations in advance of the al fresco event however if you do not have time for that you need not worry. Classical (or bagel) sandwiches with cheese, ham and lettuce, as well as biscuits, fruits, crisps will always taste perfect when dining outdoors on a picturesque site. Also you might want to have the barbecue must – the hotdogs, especially, that they are so easy to grill. If you wish to have special meals for the picnic the special and mouthwatering recipes listed below will be a perfect match for the family picnic with focus on kids.

Tortilla wraps

Tortilla Wraps

Quick recipes

Wraps. Fill in tortilla wraps with ham and cheese or tuna. Sweet corn will also go well with it. You may use the spiced precooked chicken meat also known as the “Coronation chicken” as a tasty filling. Apart from tortilla for fillings you may have bagels, croissants, pitta (or pita), or paper thin lavash.

Dressed Apples. Make apple slices or cut it in two halves. Remove the apple core part with seeds. Spread some jelly, honey or peanut butter on each piece.

Best Toffee Sauce for Kids

1½ oz of brown sugar
1½ oz of butter
1 tbsp of golden syrup
2 oz of corn (unpopped)

Let the butter melt in the pot and on the slow heat. You may wish to slightly heat the tablespoon to let the syrup slide off smoothly. Pour the syrup and sugar into the melted butter. Stirring leave the liquid on the high heat for about 2 minutes. As per the instruction on the popcorn packet pop the corn. Then add the sweet sauce to coat the popcorn well. As it cools for 10 – 15 minutes you may serve it in paper cups.

Tip: to have the popcorn more savory, coat it with melted butter (1 oz) and some sea salt.

Dry Fruits and Nuts

Dry Fruits and Nuts

Healthy snacks for kids

Healthy Pitta Pocket. Fill in the pitta bread with shredded lettuce, cooked meat and low-fat grated cheese. Top it either with tomato slices, non-spicy tomato ketchup or a salsa sauce.

Nutritious Trail Mix. This recipe is for the five and above year-old kids. In same proportions mix dried fruits, nuts and crispy (whole wheat) cereal flakes. The dried fruits may include the traditional prunes, raisins, dates, as well as dried peaches, bananas, apples, pears, apricots, figs, cherries, cranberries, kiwifruit, persimmons, pineapples, mangoes, and other. Use airtight bags or paper cups when serving the trail mix to the children.

Picnic / Lunch Box

Picnic / Lunch Box

Picnic Boxes
A very convenient option will be to take the basic picnic food boxes stuffed with ready-to-use food. Nevertheless you should have extra sandwiches, fruits and other products with you as in the open air small kids have big appetites. Preparing the picnic boxes may be enjoyable also for your kids. Do it together, let the children draw on the boxes, decorate them with stickers, etc. According to food preferences or diet you may put names on each box as you stuff it accordingly.

All supermarkets and party shops sell cardboard boxes. Buy the medium size party ones. Decorate them with fruit and vegetables stickers. The picnic box should contain: sandwiches made according to the kids’ tastes and diets, popcorn, crisp, and dried fruits (optional) packets, a box of juice, paper cups, and napkins. Due to that most kids have a sweet tooth you may prefer to serve sweets afterwards so that they will eat the snacks first.

Things to remember when on picnic with children
Take easily transportable food and products.
Have cold and hot food options.
Make sure you have enough of food, drinks (sweet, carbonated), water, plates, cups, cutlery, napkins, bin-liners, wet wipes, and blankets.
When dining out keep sweets and biscuits in plastic boxes or bowls instead of plates.

Important (!): Before offering food made according to our healthy and quick recipes for kids instructions make sure the children do not have allergies or particular diet. You should always read the food packet labels to make sure the product does not contain the allergic ingredients. The list of most common allergy reactions are triggered by: milk, eggs, nuts, fish, and wheat.

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