Great Picnic Food Ideas for the Summer


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Great Picnic Food Ideas for the



When summertime rolls around, everyone longs to head outdoors to a park or beach and have a great picnic. Picnics are some of the most pleasurable events we can have, and are capable of bringing great joy to you and your friends and family. There is just something about a hot summer day – or night – that just makes eating outside worthwhile. In this article, I will share with you some great picnic food ideas for either a daytime lunch or a nighttime dinner outing.

Picnic Food Ideas for the Day

So, you are outside during the day, perhaps during a nice lunch break. The wind is blowing, the sun is shining, and you and your family and friends are out at a park. What should you eat? The key to an awesome daytime picnic is to have foods that are light and cool. Since this is the hottest part of the day, you want to keep cool if at all possible. Also, eating a heavy meal will probably make you and your guests too sleepy and full to enjoy the rest of the day! With these things in mind, here are a few picnic food ideas:

– Sandwiches: While sandwiches seem to be the stereotypical picnic food, you can spruce them up and make them interesting. Instead of using plain old sandwich bread, put them on croissants, onion rolls, foccacia bread, or other types of bread that are delicious and a bit different. Also, try and replicate your favorite sandwich from a local deli, except make it how you truly want it. One other thing you can do is bring a bunch of condiments and sandwich ingredients and let everyone make their own for added fun.

– Fruits: In the sweltering summer sun, few things cool the day down like fresh fruit. Prepare a tray of fresh fruit sliced up and ready to eat, complete with various types of dip (such as flavored whipped cream). Watermelon is a very popular picnic fruit because of its taste and its high water content (over 90%!).

Picnic Food Ideas for the Night


If you decide to wait a little bit longer for your fun outing, and want to have a picnic in the late afternoon or early night, then night picnic food ideas are for you. Since your picnic will very likely be dinner, which is typically the largest meal of the day, you can serve heavier foods and larger dishes. This is a perfect time to grill out, as long as you have enough light to prepare your food and (safely!) operate your grill. If it is cool out, you might want to even bring hot treats that can be warmed by a fire. Here are picnic food ideas for you:

– Barbeque chicken: Chicken is basically a universal food. One of the more popular methods of preparing grilled chicken is to barbeque it. Grilling chicken is easy for anyone, regardless of how much you have grilled before. To prepare the chicken, find your best combination of herbs and marinate the chicken overnight in a refrigerator. Then, baste the chicken in your favorite BBQ sauce while you grill it, for at least 10 minutes. You will know when it is done when it is completely white and juicy.

– Salad: Salad is one of those foods that can be eaten during the day or during the night, but since you are eating a full meal at night, it complements the night perfectly. There are several types of salad that you could make. A garden salad is made of just vegetables, while a chef salad typically has meat in it. A Caesar salad has romaine lettuce with caesar dressing, parmesan cheese, and croutons, while an Asian salad is similar to a garden salad with mandarin oranges and rice noodles. All of these types are delicious.

If you cannot decide between day and night picnics, get the best of both worlds and have both! Pick a daytime excursion one day and then head back another day for a nighttime outing. Good luck and good eating!


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