Five Great Picnic Ideas for the Perfect Picnic Spot


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Five Great Picnic Ideas for the




Perfect Picnic Spot


If you have wanted to take a picnic lately, then I do not blame you. The summer is a great time for an outdoors excursion with your special people, and there is no better way to celebrate than with a picnic. Picnic ideas vary from person to person, but inevitably, it eventually comes down to one thing: location, location, location. Finding the perfect location is important to the success of the picnic because it sets up the mood and environment for food and fun. This article gives you a five picnic ideas for that perfect picnic spot for your next lunch in the sun.

1. Picnic Ideas For The Lake.

Ah, the lake. Picture you and your friends or family, sitting on a bench under a canopy of pine trees, on the shore of a lake, with a big basket of food and a nice breeze blowing in from the water. Lakes make for great picnic ideas for all the things you can do there. You can sit and enjoy your food in a pristine forest, or you can get out on the lake in a boat and jet ski, canoe, or just float around. You can even have your picnic on the boat itself! So if you want a lot of options, then a lake is a great picnic idea.

2. Picnic Ideas For The Beach

Like with a lake, a beach offers you plenty of options and a lot of variety. You do not have to stay in the sand, but if you do, then you can build sandcastles and throw a Frisbee with your family in between snacks. You can also swim, snorkel, or surf to your heart’s content. A picnic on the beach lets you enjoy your food under the sun, then slip into the ocean to cool off.

3. Picnic Ideas For The Park

If you do not want to be around water, and would rather have a nice lunch or dinner in a peaceful place, then head to the park. Parks are great picnic ideas because they offer peace and solace, but also activities for your family. If you have children, then pick a park with a playground so they can have fun and eat too. Most parks also have picnic tables, so you do not have to take a blanket or sit on the ground.

4. Picnic Ideas For The Mountains

As with the park, taking a picnic to the mountains is a wonderful opportunity to really bask in the splendor of the great outdoors. You can take it a step further and backpack along obscure trails to a secluded scenic overlook for a nice, romantic picnic in the wilderness. If you backpack, just make sure you take foods that can be stored away and are not too heavy. Either way, though, for peace and quiet then you cannot beat a mountain setting for scenic picnic ideas.

5. Picnic Ideas For The City

Lastly, if you live in the city and are not close to a lake, beach, park, or the mountains, fear not. You can still have a great picnic! Find places of interest in the city, perhaps a historical place, or an open plaza, or maybe even a public square. Do not be afraid to find an open space to have your picnic; just settle in, take out the food, and enjoy. Often there are even public performances and events going on. I remember one time we took a picnic in front of the city orchestra giving a performance at an ampitheater. Needless to say, that was a great picnic!

I hope these picnic ideas provided here will help you find the perfect picnic spot. I know that they have helped me, and I trust that these picnic ideas will do the same for you and your family.



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