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After a week of stressful days at work, do you dream of spending your weekend with friends and families at the park, having picnic and enjoying those chitchats and picnic foods that everyone contributed. Picnic is one of the greatest things to do when you want to unwind and catch up with your family’s activity for the past whole week. Besides the fact that you will be enjoying the presence of your loved ones, you are also looking forward to your favorite picnic foods that your family will bring. Food has been a part of all picnic activities. It will never be complete if there is no food and choosing the right food to bring can break or make your picnic venture. Filipinos are fund of spending too much time in preparing foods. Nevertheless, foods such as sandwiches, finger foods, salads and barbecues are the most usual picnic foods that do not need too much time in preparation.

Filipino-style Picnic FoodIn choosing the right picnic foods, there are some points to consider preventing total disaster of the picnic mood. Some points to consider are:

■  Food Safety

Picnic foods are meant to last the whole day without spoilage. You have to be sure that the ingredients you will use will not spoil easily.

■  Weather

This is an important aspect also in choosing the right food. If the weather is too hot, do not prepare foods that can easily moist. Bacteria easily multiple in foods that are moist, which causes the spoilage of the foods.


This is non-debatable, try asking a Filipino what could be an ideal Filipino picnic food for him, and it will always be Adobo. Adobo actually is a Spanish word, which means “marinade”. Adobo has become a tradition in all food celebrations in the Philippines, maybe because it does not spoil easily. It is the process of cooking meat in soy sauce and vinegar and other spices available. The vinegar in adobo prevents it from spoiling because vinegar stops the growth of bacteria.

Meats that are commonly used on cooking adobo-style are chicken and pork. However, people became creative in cooking adobo for they can use any meat they desire like goat, lamb, beef, squid and fish. Even the weirdest meat you can imagine, Filipinos can transform it into adobo like frogs or the famous exotic food “balut”.

Another good thing about adobo is that you can adjust the taste according to your desire. Some might want the sour taste to reign or the saltiness to accent a little more.


Traditional Filipino-Style Chicken and Pork Adobo

What you will need:

½ kilo     chicken, cut into small serving pieces
1 kilo     pork liempo/butt, cubed
1-cup    cane vinegar
1-cup    water
½ t    black pepper, ground
1 head    garlic, peeled and crushed
2 pcs.    Bay leaves
½ c    soy sauce
2 T    cooking oil

What you will do

1. Combine all ingredients except soy sauce and oil in a cooking pan or casserole.
2. Bring it to a boil and simmer for a period of 30 minutes.
3. Add in the soy sauce and simmer for another period of 10 minutes.
4. Remove all the meat from the mixture and set aside.
5. Pour the sauce of the mixture in a separate bowl.
6. Heat the oil in the same casserole wherein you simmer the meat.
7. Brown the meat.
8. Pour back the sauce into the casserole together with the meat.
9. Simmer until it thickens and adjusting the taste according to your desire.


■  Although adobo does not spoil easily, make sure you follow the guidelines in keeping foods in a covered container. Never cover any food if it is still hot. The moisture will be trapped causing bacteria to multiply fast.

■  Make it a habit to use serving spoon so that bacteria from other utensils will not mix with the food and spread to other people. Besides, it is not hygienic.

■  Separate cooked foods from the raw and separate meats from fish or seafood to avoid cross-contamination.

■  If you plan to cook barbecue, make sure to cook all meat accordingly. There is certain food that is not meant to eat raw for it can cause salmonella or other food poisoning.

■  If plan to bring raw meats, always keep it at a safest temperature of 40oF or below by sealing it in a cooler with plenty of ice packs.

■  Always have two insulated coolers: one for raw meats and the other one for drinks. NEVER combine the two.

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