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Summer Picnic Ideas

Picnics have always been a very common and excellent source of recreation. A picnic outing requires some food to be cooked at home and taken along with you. Making the decision of what dishes shall be made is not that easy as it might seem to be. The foods that you take along should be suitable to the weather, your taste and to carry. In summers, particularly, such food needs to be made which do not rot quickly and are tasty and fun to eat too. Also, they should be easy to make and should be a source of energy so that you can have maximum fun without getting tired soon. We suggest some of such dishes which keep you going and are very easy to make or bake.

Boiled salad


peas 1 cup

red beans 1 cup

potatoes (medium size) 3

oranges 2

beetroot (medium size) 1

salt to taste

sugar 1 tsp

black pepper ½ tsp

white pepper ¼ tsp

cream ½ cup


Wash all the fruits and vegetables properly with water. Cut the potatoes, one orange and beetroot into small pieces. Boil peas, beans, beetroot and potatoes separately and put them in one bowl. Add the orange, peppers, sugar, salt and cream to the bowl. Mix well. Then put in orange juice of the other orange and mix again. Tasty boiled salad is ready. Refrigerate for some time for increased taste. Especially, when you are going outing in summers, you should well refrigerate the salad before packing it. This would keep it fresh for a long time. Salads are a great treat for keeping you fresh and this is one of the best ones.

Cornflake macaroons


egg whites 2

sugar ½ cup

cornflakes 1 ½ cup

dry fruits (cut into ½ cup

small chips)


Preheat the oven at 160 degrees. Beat the egg whites for along time until they froth. Then add sugar slowly. Don’t add all the sugar at once. Now add cornflakes using your hands (not a spoon) very gently so that the froth of the egg white does not get settled. Add the dry fruits along with the cornflakes. Oil a baking tray and put the mixture of the cornflakes and egg whites in the tray using a spoon. Take full spoons of the mixture and put it into the tray. Bake for fifteen minutes or until they turn golden brown. You may also add coconut additionally or in place of cornflakes. These macaroons appear very appetizing and taste great too. At a picnic outing, the sugar would provide you with carbohydrates (glucose) to keep you active and the dry fruits contribute in keeping your mind fresh. Cornflakes are a very good source of energy. So, this recipe includes all the factors which need to be taken care of at a picnic.

Both the suggested foods are ideal to take at a picnic. They can be easily made; all the ingredients are easily available and fill in you enough oomph to enjoy a lot of gaiety at your outing trip.

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This boiled salad sounds really tasty and wonderful as does the macarrons.Perfect for picnics especially as the dish is veggie.
You have a great selection of recipes.Thanks for adding simply.food to your blogroll.

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