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Guest Post By Alex Pearl


In these modern times where fast food establishments dominate the busy lives of the average working people, and where posh restaurants are impeccable approaches to special gatherings and occasions, one would wonder how he can possibly arrange the perfect picnic.
Planning picnics need not be so elaborate and grand. Picnics are about enjoying the great outdoors while eating good  home-cooked meals  with their rustic simplicity that fast foods and restaurants alike cannot provide.  The following are some great recipes that you can bring to any picnic, without the hassle in preparations.

Minty Tomato Salad

You can never imagine how a few snips of mint leaves can bring a boring tomato salad into life. Wash and cut 2 plump red tomatoes into cubes, with sizes depending on your preference. Coarsely chop a few snips of fresh java mint leaves, or any mint available in your area. Add a pinch of salt and pepper and mix well. This salad can be best enjoyed with grilled meat or chicken.

Poached herbed eggs

Ah, what defines healthy meals more than oil-free cooking? I love poaching my eggs, since they don’t give me the rubbery crust that pan-frying makes. Poach eggs on low heat until cooked through. I like mine half-cooked, with the yolk thickly flowing like half-hardened lava. Then chop and mix with a pinch of dried basil, sea salt, and pepper.
Grilled spiced chicken thighs
What I love about going out at picnics is that you can grill all you want and enjoy them right off the grill. On the night before the picnic, rub chicken thighs with ground black pepper, sea salt, minced garlic, and thyme. Pound a lot of lemongrass stalks and squeeze the juice. Rub it in the chicken, between the skin and meat. Let the chicken sit for several hours in the fridge to allow for maximum absorption of the spices. Grill the chicken thighs at six inches above the live coals, for about fifteen minutes per side.

Meaty Sub Sandwich

Prepare cooked cold cut meats by slicing thinly. I like using cured ham or spiced gourmet meat slices, but any meat would do. Cut a baguette in half, then slice through the side but not all the way through. Lay the fresh Romaine lettuce leaves at the bottom, followed by a few slices of juicy red tomatoes, then a scoop of sweet jalapeno pepper preserve. Sprinkle it with pickle relish or slices, then place meat on top. Wrap in paper or baking sheets. Add the dressing only right before eating so that your sandwiches won’t get soggy during transport. My favorites are honey mustard, garlic mayo, and ranch dressing.

Tropical Fruit Cooler

Place ripe mangoes, strawberries, honeydew, green apple, and carrots in a blender together with half a cup of water. Strain, or leave pulp if you want a smoothie. Add sugar or syrup to desired sweetness. Pour into airtight jugs.
And there you have it, nice and easy recipes for great picnic food. Don’t forget to bring your cooler with lots of ice packed around beer bottles and sodas, or your homemade fruit coolers.
Pearl is a college girl in the Philippines who recently found the love for cooking, and writes about all her food adventures and home-cooked recipes in her personal blog, Summers in Love.





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