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With the great holiday of Easter approaching you might be thrilled about what special to cook for the day? The post offers you a couple of recipes for the occasion. Maybe these will be indeed new picnic food ideas for you which you will like and use. Enjoy!

Flavored Lamb Roast.

Flavored Lamb Roast.

Easter Lamb Roast
It quite an easy and requires a traditional technique for roasting a lamb leg and serving with a red wine gravy. What makes this picnic recipe special is the flavors. Preparation takes less than half an hour, cooking – upto a couple of hours; yields: 6 (8).


4.5lb (or 2kg) lamb leg (on the bone)

Flavored Butter
3 large cloves of garlic
1oz (20g) soft butter
4-5 fresh rosemary stalks (have also extra for garnish)
Seasoning: salt and black pepper

Red Wine Gravy
4.5fl oz (125ml) red wine
small piece butter
plain flour

Note: always use freshly ground black pepper.

Have the oven preheated to 400F (200C, Gas Mark6). The lamb should be of room temperature thus if kept in the fridge take out till warm enough.

Flavored Butter
Peel the cloves of garlic, grate them thinly and drop in a bowl where you have a knob of butter. Remove the rosemary leaves, thinly chop and add to the butter and garlic bowl. Sprinkle with black pepper and salt to taste. Stir and mash till a well incorporated paste forms.

Make as many finger-size cuts in the lamb as possible (upto 50) using a thin sharp knife. Take small amount of the butter garlic rosemary mix and stir into each hole to season. You may set the lamb aside for some time when seasoned  to allow it absorb the flavors, or you may proceed with it at once by folding it loosely in foil and placing in the roaster (roasting tin) and then in the oven. When the temperature plays out throughout the lamb the melted butter will allow the garlic and rosemary flavors penetrate throughout the meat. Remove the foil when half an hour passes, allow lamb roast for another hour or as it is to your taste.

When done remove the roaster from the oven, set aside and leave the lamb to rest warm there for about 10 minutes covered on top with the foil. Keep the juices in the roaster as you will need them for the gravy.

Red Wine Gravy
Place a heavy bottom skillet over medium heat till almost hot. Add in lamb roast juices and the red wine. Reduce the heat allowing the mixture to simmer till reduced. In a bowl make kneaded butter (or beurre manie) by combining soft butter with flour. Add 1 tsp of it to the skillet stirring well, allow the gravy to thicken as desired.

When serving the picnic food have the lamb sliced, drizzle some gravy over the slices, add rosemary stalks at side. Serve with fresh vegetables and roasted potatoes.

Easter Pavlova.

Easter Pavlova.

Easter Pavlova
This is a delicious picnic dessert for the Easter spring. Instead of lime and lemon you may use kiwi, orange, peach or other fruits (citruses) that are more to your liking.
Preparation time: less than half an hour, cooking: 40-50 mins; yields: 4.


5.5oz (150g) caster sugar
3 egg whites
0.5 tsp sherry vinegar

Note: whisk the egg whites till stiff peaks are formed

2 lemons
3 limes
6oz (175g) caster sugar
3 eggs (plus 5 egg yolks)
5oz (150g) softened butter
7oz (200g) double cream
To serve: 12 passion fruit (optional)

Note: use juice and zest of the lemon and lime only, have the cream whipped likewise the egg whites, use passion fruit pulp only.

Have the oven preheated to 350F (180C, Gas Mark4). Spread the greaseproof paper in the baking sheet and preheat it too.

Have the whipped egg whites ready. Whisk in the sugar 1 tbsp at a time till well incorporated. Carefully add in the sherry vinegar. On the preheated baking sheet spoon the mixture in the 8 inch (20 cm) in diameter circle. Do not level it, allow peaks to form. Place in the oven at once turning the heat to 300F (150C, Gas Mark2) cook for 45 mins till outside hardens.

In a heavy bottom pan combine: juice and zest of lime and lemon, eggs, egg yolks, sugar, and 2¾oz (75g) butter. Place over a medium heat whisking till butter and sugar melt, add the remaining butter. Stir continuously till the smooth mix thickens enough to coat well. Remove from the hob, whisk slightly; set aside to cool completely.

Serve the picnic dessert on the plate, spoon some lemon mix in the center, add whipped cream on top and passion fruit pulp or other fruits to your taste.

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