Creating a Fun and Festive Picnic:


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Creating a Fun and Festive Picnic:

Decorations and Arrangements

Picnics are wonderful opportunities to enjoy the pleasant company of friends and family outside in beautiful, sunny weather. They can also be opportunities to celebrate. Whether the occasion is a birthday, a graduation, an anniversary, or a holiday like Independence Day or Memorial Day, picnics can serve as appropriate and memorable activities for you and your guests.

A big part of picnics is creating the perfect menu. This is not all, though. The best picnic celebrations are fun, festive, colorful, and themed, with plenty of eye-catching decorations and arrangements. Creating a festive affair with a picnic is actually easier than creating a menu, believe it or not. It’s fun, too. This article will give you some tips on how you can create fun and festive picnic decorations and arrangements for any occasion.

Picnic Decorations and Arrangements: The Theme

The purpose of a theme in a picnic celebration is to combine all the elements into one overall design that represents an occasion or an event. For example, an Independence Day party could be themed in decorations that invoke the feeling of celebrating the Fourth of July, such as red, white, and blue tablecloths, star-spangled napkins, and a festive centerpiece reminiscent of fireworks. Choosing the theme should be the first step in the process, so you know what you are working towards in terms of picnic decorations and arrangements.

Picnic Decorations and Arrangements: Fruit Centerpieces

One great item to have for just about any picnic celebration is a fruit centerpiece. These are typically comprised of fruit that has been either arranged or carved into various shapes and designs, to create a cool-looking decoration that is also edible. These do not only look good; they also can go with just about any type of picnic that you can imagine, as fruit is virtually a universal picnic ingredient.

What kinds of fruit should you use? Most people tend to gravitate towards citrus fruits, but, the best fruit centerpieces use a variety of ingredients. One of the most popular types of fruit is watermelon, since it can be easily carved and shaped. You can actually create a fruit basket by hollowing out one half of a watermelon and placing fruit inside! Be creative and don’t be afraid to carve up fruit into shapes and put them together using toothpicks to create figures – such as a fruit graduate for a graduation party, or a spooky ghost for a fall Halloween-themed picnic.

Picnic Decorations and Arrangements: Fruit Garnishes

Yet another way to spruce up a picnic is to use fruit garnishes. You create regular garnishes out of standard materials, such as paper, mint leaves, parsley, and foliage, but fruit garnishes for plates and drinks add a unique flair to the picnic. For example, if you have fruity beverages, such as punch or smoothies, you can cut a banana into coin-sized pieces and place them on the rim of the glasses or cups. You can also cut oranges into wedges and arrange them on a plate in a star shape to create an attractive – and edible – decoration.

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