Company Picnic Activities


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Company Picnic Activities

Company picnics are a lot different from your typical family picnic. Typically there are more people in attendance and therefore you have multiple schedules to work around. When planning a company picnic make sure to set a date well in advance and prepare a well thought out schedule. Pick a theme to make the picnic more entertaining and even create t-shirts for the event. These picnics can also be a great way to show your employee appreciate and involve party favors and certificates. Regardless of the purpose, as the planner of the picnic, you are in essence the entertainer—the success of failure of company picnic activities will rest on your shoulders.

Organized Game

You know your company better than anyone else. What sports do they like? What type of people are they? Would they prefer a nice, friendly game of softball or would they rather get dirty with mud volleyball? There are a variety of options for organized games for company picnics. Typically a company picnic will have more than enough participants to come up with solid teams. You can even provide poster board for the less athletic members to create team spirit signs to show support throughout the game. Whether you decide on Frisbee golf, ultimate Frisbee, kickball, volleyball, dodge ball, softball, basketball, or even tag football, creating an organized game is a sure way to get the party started.

Relay Race

Relay races are always a lot of fun, especially if your company picnic will involve a variety of ages. For a relay race, start off with a 3 legged races. Then move on to a wheelbarrow race. You can incorporate everything from a balloon toss or egg toss to a food eating contest. The entire point of a relay race is to allow everyone to open up and have a good time while being outside the office. If you plan to do anything that involves getting messy or wet, make sure you specify this on the invitation so that your employees will come prepared with a change of clothes – you don’t want your company picnic activities to leave everyone all wet!

Formal Activities

Some company picnics are more formal, making organized games and relay races too information for the event. In these situations, there are a variety of ways to still ensure that your employees have a great time. First, hire a caricature artist to draw entertaining pictures. The great thing about hiring an artist is these drawings can be used as party favors. Second, hold a bingo contest to keep with the low-key environment. Third, hire a small band to come play classical music to show appreciation for your employees.

Regardless of what type of company picnic you are planning to host, it is essential that you take into consideration the personalities and desires of those within the company. If your employees prefer to be outgoing and have a good time, you may want to go with an organized game or relay race. However, if the event is more formal and involves a fancy setup and awards, opt for the more formal options. In the end, keep in mind what your employees will like and your company picnic activities are sure to be a success.




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