Chicken Salad with Cabbage Picnic Food Ideas


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There are several reasons why I like this salad. First of all you can be sure that most of the guests (if not all) eat chicken. The exception may always be vegetarians, but, as most of the salad’s other ingredients are vegetables, even they may want to try a spoon or two of this picnic food. The fresh crispy cabbage gives a pleasant yummy touch to the salad. Whereas chicken, makes it more wholesome. Another advantage of this picnic food recipe is that it is quick and easy to do. There will be a couple of possible salad recipe variations made latter in the post. So, enjoy!

Chicken Salad with Cabbage.

Chicken Salad with Cabbage.

Chicken Salad with Cabbage, Corn, and Champignons
Preparation time 15 minutes, cooking time 30 minutes. Yields 5 servings.


17 oz (or 500g) skinless chicken breast (or two halves)
7 oz (or 200g) fresh cabbage
14.5 oz (or 425ml) can of sweet corn
14.5 oz (or 425ml) can of sliced champignons
7 oz (or about 200 gr) mayonnaise
10 spring onions (or 1 small bulb)
Herbs: coriander, dill, parsley
Seasoning: salt and black pepper

Rinse and pat dry the chicken breast halves. Remove the skin. If the breast is with bones needless to remove it. Pour fresh water in the saucepan, put over the high heat to bring to the boil. Once the water boils, reduce heat to low and carefully add chicken breast halves.

Note: Fill the saucepan half with the water, allow enough empty space as the water will go up once you add the chicken.

Cook the chicken for 30 minutes. Do not add salt to the boiling water. While the chicken is being cooked prepare other ingredients.

Rinse the cabbage, put on the paper tower to absorb water. Transfer the cabbage to the cutting board and chop it thinly.

Preparing the cabbage.

Preparing the cabbage.

Open the sweet corn can, empty the water. You may do it either through the can if you make two wholes or open the can incompletely letting the water run out – or use a strainer. Repeat likewise with the can of champignons. If you feel lazy going out to buy sliced champignons and the ones you have are whole – no need to worry, you can always use the whole champignons and slice them yourself. As there are not many preparations needed with other ingredients for the picnic salad you will still have free time left while the chicken simmers.

Salad Ingredients.

Salad Ingredients.

You may drop the sweet corn and chopped champignons into a large salad bowl once you empty the water.

Rinse the herbs and the spring onion. If you are using a bulb onion, then first peel then rinse it. Use a paper towel to dry the vegetables. Chop the herbs and the onion.

When the chicken cooks through, turn off the heat, empty the water, and take out the breasts to cool. If you are short of time you may place them into the cold water. Once the chicken is not too hot to proceed, place it on the cutting board, tear parts of the breast and tear further as if in long thin strips. Drop the strips into the salad bowl. When you are done with the chicken combine all ingredients: chicken strips, sweet corn, champignons, cabbage, onion, and herbs. If the mayonnaise is thick thin it with some water (use 1-2 tbsp of preferably warm boiled water). Add the mayonnaise into the picnic salad, mix the ingredients with a spoon to coat well. Add some salt and freshly ground black pepper.

Combining the Ingredients.

Combining the Ingredients.

Tip: This picnic food will taste even more delicious if you place it in the fridge for at least one hour to allow it cool and soak the juices and rich flavors.

Serve the picnic chicken salad with free, grilled chicken or other picnic food. Bon appetite!

The Possible Salad Variation
You can perfectly substitute chicken with boiled beef or pork. In this case you may thinly cut the meat into long strips or into thin wedges. It is important to have the meat tender thus you may need to cook the beef over 2 hours. You will need about 17-18 oz (or 500g) cooked meat.

Tip on how to boil meat:
Rinse and pat dry the meat. Place a pan half full with the water over high heat to bring to the boil. When the water starts to boil, add meat and shortly reduce the heat to low. Simmer the meat till it is tender. You may add salt about 30 minutes before you take out the meat.

Note: all nutrients will be preserved in the meat when cooked at once in the boiling water.

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