Cedar Picnic Tables


Posted by Roth McCoy | Posted in Equipment | Posted on 10-11-2009

The Beauty of Cedar Picnic Tables

Picnics are some of the best activities you can participate in with your family and friends in the great outdoors. With good food, good conversation, and good fun, a picnic offers you a chance to enjoy being outside. Whether you have a picnic in your backyard or hold your picnic in a state park, a picnic table is a must. If you want the best picnic experience, then you need the best picnic tables. This article will take a look at cedar picnic tables and will explain to you why they are recommended for your next outing.

Cedar Picnic Tables: An Attractive Choice

It is odd to think of a picnic table as a beautiful object, when all you do is sit on and eat off of it. But, a picnic table is still a piece of furniture, and I think anyone would agree that furniture can be visually appealing. Cedar – especially Western red cedar – has a rich and robust red color that comes in various hues, from light, almost golden wood to a deep honey-like color with red undertones. The patterns in the wood are graceful and combine with the color to create a very stimulating appearance for your next picnic.

The Aroma of Cedar Picnic Tables

It may again seem odd to think of picnic tables as having an aroma, since most of them don’t. Cedar, though, is a very aromatic wood, as anyone with cedar furniture knows. If you want to have a picnic outdoors, it can only be enhanced by the rich, pleasing smell of cedar.

Cedar Picnic Tables: Durable and Structurally Sound

Anyone who wants a picnic table needs it to be durable, resist stains and other forms of damage, as well as last a long time to get your money’s worth. Cedar offers structural stability with resistance to buckling or cracking. Plus, the smooth, grain-less surface and lack of pitch in the wood means that you can apply just about any finish you want to this table.

Cedar picnic tables are also very lightweight, which means you can build and transport them wherever they are needed. Furthermore, they will last you a long time. Properly maintained, a red cedar picnic table can give you a great place for your picnics for up to 50 years – which is incredible for a piece of outdoor furniture made of wood!

Lastly, if you want a safe picnic table, then cedar offers that. It not only resists splintering, but does not contain arsenic or any other chemicals for treating the wood (if it is made properly). You definitely do not want any of this near your food or your loved ones.

Cedar Picnic Tables: Conclusion

If you are in the market for a solid, reliable picnic table, then cedar offers you great benefits. It is safe, stable, long-lasting, visually appealing, and aromatic, and is a fantastic material for picnic tables wherever you need them to be. There are plenty of good materials out there for picnic tables, and cedar is one of the very best.

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