Savory/Sweet Souped-up Potato Salad


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What picnic is complete without potato salad? It’s the staple of picnic foods– the problem is though, it can be so — well, bland! A few extra ingredients, however, can turn potato salad into a palate-awakening experience and make it the star of the table. Try this savory/sweet potato salad at your next picnic, sure to be a refreshing change from plain old deli potato salad!

savory/sweet potato salad

savory/sweet potato salad

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Summer Picnic with Mexican Style Corn Cob on Chipotle


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The summer season is something to enjoy. Most people prefer picnics to create a bonding experience with family and friends in a lazy Sunday afternoon. For menus, corn cobs are often included. The usual corn recipe will be something related to butter and grilling. Before starting on your corn menu, there are some things you need to consider. First, you have to choose something of quality. Of course, you don’t want anyone to be munching something out of juice and poor flavor. Well, additional flavoring may have some delightful effect, but relying on its natural essence is truly the best.

How to Pick Corns in the Market

As you visit supermarkets, you’ll be welcomed by products that are promised to have great quality. However, you already know that this doesn’t happen most of the time. There are still some unseen products that acquire low quality because of its abundance and quality inspectors can’t handle everything out. It’s the same case when you look for corns to grill in your family picnic.

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Spring-Summer Picnic Food Ideas: Eggplants and Zucchini Rolls


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You may prepare either of the recipes, place the rolls in the plastic boxes with lids and take them outdoors for the picnic. It can serve you as a side dish or a snack – the best solution for the spring-summer picnic season. Serve the meals with crusty bread and seasonal salads. Enjoy our picnic food ideas!

Eggplant Rolls.

Eggplant Rolls.

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Enjoy picnic in summers


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Summer Picnic Ideas

Picnics have always been a very common and excellent source of recreation. A picnic outing requires some food to be cooked at home and taken along with you. Making the decision of what dishes shall be made is not that easy as it might seem to be. The foods that you take along should be suitable to the weather, your taste and to carry. In summers, particularly, such food needs to be made which do not rot quickly and are tasty and fun to eat too. Also, they should be easy to make and should be a source of energy so that you can have maximum fun without getting tired soon. We suggest some of such dishes which keep you going and are very easy to make or bake.

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Picnic Food Ideas – Summer Salads


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Summertime Picnic Food


Ideas- Five Summer Salads

In the summer, there is no greater thing than a picnic. It is the perfect summer activity – sunshine, the great outdoors, good food, and even better company. There are a million and a half well known picnic food ideas out there that are all delicious, but the less-common ones are great too. One terrific example of this is a salad. When people talk about a picnic, they usually do not think of summer salads. But they can make a great Read the rest of this entry »