Bite-size Quiche for Picnics


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From a lavish tradition among prominent and wealthy families, picnics evolved into a warm outdoor feast usually celebrated on the weekends of summer season. It’s a simple yet meaningful experience for the family and friends. From outdoors to parks, picnics are mostly done with delicious foods that are easy and quick to prepare. Grilled food is the most common picnic food these days. Japanese rolls, seafood cocktails, and fruits lie on the same category.

Of course, you want this bonding activity to be special for your family and friends – who expect a special menu from you. If you can’t make every food in the menu extra special, having one special dish is good enough. Quiches are also popular in picnic because it tastes really good and it’s not very hard to prepare. Although you might spend some time working on it, you won’t have to spend lots of money for this delightful treat!

mini quiches

A Dairy Delight

Quiche is an oven-baked dish, a classic French dish. It is mostly composed of dairy products like eggs and milk that is baked with several ingredients (including meat, fish and vegetables). Before you rush on the market to buy eggs, there are some things you need to know. Although eggs have different features because of the place it came from, nutritional factors are almost the same. Looking for healthier eggs doesn’t make sense. You should give importance to freshness and quality. These things will help you buy eggs in its fresh condition.

■   In some farms, people don’t wash the eggs because they think it will lessen the quality of the eggs. However, unwashed eggs may cause diseases such as salmonella. Make sure the eggs you’re going to buy are clean.
■   If you buy eggs in supermarkets, you’ll find eggs that are stored in a cooler place. That’s good! In case the eggs aren’t refrigerated, you should buy eggs that are placed in direct sunlight.
■    Don’t buy cracked eggs or something with an odd shape and shell coating.
■    The eggs should be in clean cartons. If the information in the carton such as dates and labels are erased or blocked with re-labeling stickers, ask how fresh the eggs are.
■   The eggs freshness may last for 10 – 15 days. If you’re not very sure about it, put the eggs in lukewarm water. Fresh eggs sink, not so fresh eggs stand on one tip, and no good eggs float.

The Tart

Before you make the quiche, you should consider making a tart first. It’s really good if you have a tart prepared already after finishing the quiche mixture. Making the tart is easy and you can store it for hours until the main ingredient of the quiche is done.

■  2 teaspoon(s) salt
■  1 1/2 cup of ice water
■  5 cups of all-purpose flour
■  2 cups of unsalted butter

o    Make a salt and water mixture in a small bowl. Keep the mixture cold until it’s ready to use.
o    Get the flour and butter and put it in a food processor. While mixing the ingredients, add the salt water until a dough is formed.
o    Evenly divide the flour on a floured surface and form it in circles. Wrap it up with plastic and chill.

Mini quiches

Bite-size Quiches

The Quiche Recipe

Once you’re finished with your tarts. You’re now ready to complete the quiche recipe. The preparation time might take most of your time, but the reward is definitely priceless!


The tart

■  6 tablespoon(s) all-purpose flour
■  2 tablespoon(s) fine chopped thyme
■  2 teaspoon(s) salt
■  1 teaspoon pepper
■  10 eggs
■  2 cup(s) whole milk
■  2 cup(s) creme fraiche


o    Get the stored dough and fit it in a tart pan. Trim the edges evenly and chill it again to achieve firmness. After that, you can heat the oven for about 375 degrees.
o    Line the dough with parchment paper and fill it with pie weights and put it in the oven. Once the dough reached a light brown complexion, remove the weights and continue until it turns golden brown. Transfer the tarts on the wire rack.
o    Mix the egg and flour in a bow with an electric mixer. Place the creme fraiche in a medium bowl, whisk until smooth. Add the milk until it’s well mixed and put it to the mixer along with pepper, salt and thyme.
o    Strain the mixture and pour it in the tart shells. Bake it for 40 minutes at 325 degrees until the mixture is firm.
o    Cool it on a wire rack. Now it’s time to serve the quiche!

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