Best Picnic Spots


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Best Picnic Spots

The tradition of having picnics is spread worldwide nowadays. It has beenscientifically proved that eating in a relaxed manner and especially in the open air is very good for health. In the scurrying rhythm of our modern civilization the days when we leave for the countryside or a picnic feel especially precious. The article will provide you with information on best picnic spots in U.S., Britain, and France. We hope the article will help you decide on the better place to enjoy the life of outdoor repose with the people you love.

The most popular season for picnics is summer. However, springtide or Indian summer can be alike perfect for al fresco parties. Apart from natural spots there are specially designed picnic locations in U.S. states, U.K., and throughout France. These picnic areas sometimes are integrated into national or public parks. Below you will find details on U.S., British, and French picnic menu and outdoors dining locations.

Angel Island picnic spot

Angel Island picnic spot

Picnic Spots in the U.S.
Americans can have a picnic with family or celebrate an a birthday or wedding outdoors and thus American picnics can be quite crowded. Picnics are an important part of American life style. Traditional food of American picnic would be roasted pork, chicken, hot dogs, or just fast food with Coca Cola.

Among the best picnic spots in the United States are:
Blue Ridge Parkway with over 250 overlooks for parking and over a dozen of picnic areas.
James River Picnic Area (at milepost 63.8) where apart from the meal you will enjoy the river, and bird watching.
Point Dume, Malibu will be a perfect if you are passionate about vigorous waves and would like to have a chance spotting dolphins. The best meal for this picnic would be a fried chicken, roasted veggies, greens, fruits and coffee.

Hawaii picnic spot

Tropical picnic spot, Hawaii

If you are for exotic areas this list is for you:
Alluring spots of Kilohana and Pihea in Hawaii. The first is located at the 3800 ft. cliff offering a gorgeous view in the clear weather, the second – is for those who are keen on adventures and scrambling.
Kate Sessions Memorial Park in San Diego opens a magnificent panoramic view over the Pacific and Coronado Bridge.
There is a wonderful Angel Island in Bay Area of San Francisco with a view over the Golden Gate, the Berkley hills, Alcatraz, and the glimmering urban locations. Here the perfect picnic snack would be for example smoked salmon sandwiches, lettuce salad, soft cheese and a bottle of white whine.

To wrap up with American spots we need to mention also the Grant Park in Chicago, orchards in St. Cloud Park (on the Columbia River), dune-cast Oregon Coast, and the woods of Massachusetts.

Tea, biscuits, milk, egg.

British picnic menu.

Picnic Spots in U.K.
Picnic has become a long-standing tradition in Britain. British may term as a “picnic” even a flask of delicious tea drunk outdoors with a couple of sandwiches in a nice company. In Britain – where gorgeous nature and elegant public parks are in abundance, the people of course have a passion for outdoor activities and festivities. The menu of classical British picnic would include: stewed fruit, fruit turnovers, cheesecakes, a variety of biscuits, cold puddings, blancmanges, jam puffs, and of course – tea. In Britain picnics can be formal or informal.

The popular picnic locations in Britain would include: Hardcastle Crags in West Yorkshire, Somerset House in London, Tower Hill Tea Gardens in Kent, John Muir Country Park in East Lothian, and much more.

French-style picnic.

Relaxing near Eiffel Tower, Paris.

Picnic Spots in Paris
What is special about Paris is that you can have a small picnic with beer or wine in a normal public park, on the Seine banks, and other public places. Given the grass is not forbidden and the place offers some solitude go ahead for a rest under the tree with snacks and some alcoholic drinks. Although you should know that in France an “open bottle” of alcoholic drinks is banned in public places. Still, the police may make an exception and let the company enjoy a sip or two of the drink.

Love for dining en plein is a national passion of Parisians. Even such central places as the Esplanade des Invalides and Champs du Mars may serve as the best picnic spots. Among their beloved outdoor dining places are: Belleville, Bois de Vincennes, Villette, Jardins de Trocadero, Bois de Boulogne, Parc Monceau, Montsouris, Bercy, and other. A priori knowing that French are one of the most gourmet nations you will be very surprised to hear that sometimes they may have a picnic with fast food (McDonalds, etc.) picnic bags.

Traditional picnic menu in France would consist of a good bottle of red or white wine, sparkling water, seafood sandwiches, a variety of salads (Honeyed Fruit Salad, Cucumber Salad, Red Pepper Bean Salad, or other), cheese, crusty baguette, a box of homemade Provencal Rosemary almonds, and finally – fruit and chocolate. A picnic in Paris however modest may seem will by all means be the most romantic one.

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