Barbecued Squid Recipe and Fun Facts about BBQ


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BBQ picnics are an informal way of entertaining your guests outside your house or in a park. Eating together and having chitchats while doing the BBQ is a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon with your friends. Following those BBQ tips will definitely make you realize that entertaining guests will become more laid back and relaxed. So never hesitate in having to throw a party outside with this BBQ recipe and to top it all, organize a BBQ party game that all the kids and even adults can enjoy. Having a BBQ party is much easier to gather friends because it has a more relaxed ambiance and they do not need to bother worrying what to wear for the occasion.

Your back yard or garden is the most common spot for a BBQ party; in addition, all equipments for grilling are much easier to assemble here because of the ample space provided in the yard. You may use bricks and used grill racks to make an improvised griller or just buy a ready-made BBQ griller in your local store.

Some people prefer using the traditional way of grilling on embers and maybe once in awhile you should do it yourself do that you can compare the difference. There is this distinct smoky aroma both in food and in the air that comes out when you use those charcoals.

Barbecued Squid

Barbecued Squid

Helpful tips in doing barbeque:

• Using embers and not flames on your barbeque will have appetizing effect on the texture and flavor of food.

• You must start to light the charcoal half hour before you start grilling. You need glowing coals not flames when grilling so that the meat will cook evenly. If a flame starts to spring up because of the dripping fats from the meat, just spray it with water using plastic spray bottle.

• Before lighting the charcoal, make sure it was already soaked with a little sprinkle of lighting gel or firelighter.

•When the charcoal is already on fire, wait for it to die down. You do not need the fire to cook the meat; it is just the heat from the coals matters. If you put the meat while the embers are still hot, the meat might end up burnt outside and raw inside. Obviously that will not be safe grilling practice. Slow cooking is always best for your health for they tend to cook the meat evenly inside and out.

• Another helpful tip in order to speed up the process of lighting is to put a double sheet of aluminum foil at the bottom of the grill and then put the charcoal on the aluminum foil.

• Use long-handled cooking utensils and thick gloves for your hands to avoid being burned. Always keep a pail of water near you while grilling just in case an accident happens.

•Your grilled meat will taste even better when paired with wines and cool drinks for kids.

•Best when grilled or barbecued are homemade hamburgers, sausages and pork chops. However, people can be creative nowadays and be imaginative in their own creation of recipes for grilling.


Yes, you heard it right. Squids that are small and tender are best cooked this way. It is also best to use skewers when grilling squids. You do not want them to fall through the fire and tastes like charcoal, right? Before the scheduled BBQ picnic, the following must be done with the squid:

Barbecued Squid

■   Prepare the ingredients and tools to use
• Small but tender squids
• Cold running water
• Skewers
• Extra Virgin Olive oil
• Lemon fruit to be squeezed unto the squid before eating (optional)
• Preferred salad and sauce for the side dish (optional)

■    Remove the tentacles, head and innards of the squid, which includes the transparent cartilage or quill.
■   Pull the mottled black skin leaving the squid white.
■   Wash the squid inside and out using cold running water

After the cleaning part is over, the following procedures are for the grilling preparation of the squid:

• Cut one side of the squid to open it to become two pieces
• Using a knife, lightly score the inside and making sure that you do not cut it all the way.
• Dry it with kitchen paper and brush it with oil
• The squids are now ready to put on the skewers and BBQ it over hot embers for maximum of 2 minutes or until it charred

Grilling squids will take just a few seconds for if it stays too long on heat, it will become tough and rubbery. However, you will know that it is cooked just right when it curls prettily and tentacles are crispy, which complement the taste of the whole squid. BBQ squid does not need any seasonings because when grilled, it will release its natural salty taste.

Serve with chili sauce and arugula salad on the side.

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