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A Helpful Guide to Wooden Picnic Tables

If you love picnics, then you probably love picnic tables too. You are more than free to eat on a blanket placed on the ground, of course, but nothing beats setting out a spread on a nice, solid picnic table. Whether it is in a park or in your very own backyard, picnic tables can be made of many different materials and can come in various shapes and sizes. One of the best materials for a picnic table is wood. This article will talk about iconic wooden picnic tables and the benefits they offer.

Why Choose Wooden Picnic Tables?

It is hard to visualize a picnic and not think of a wooden picnic table loaded down with food. These are the most common types out there, and are symbols of a picnic and everything that comes with it – food, family, and fun. They also have other benefits besides cultural ones. One benefit is that wooden picnic tables are easy to build and are relatively inexpensive. You will not have to shell out as much money for these as you would other types.

Another benefit is that wooden picnic tables are very aesthetically pleasing. You can paint them in various colors and designs for a splash of color in your backyard or park. You also do not have to worry about unsightly rust or an unnatural look with either metal tables or plastic ones. This is one of the main reasons why people choose to make their tables out of wood.

What Types of Wood Are Used?

You can make a picnic table out of virtually any type of wood, provided it is big enough. Now, you do not want to build one out of balsa wood, but with the exception of flimsy materials, many types of wood will do. Hardwoods in particular make great picnic tables because they are very tough and durable. You might actually find these hardwoods in your bedroom and living room furniture – oak, beech, ash, cherry, maple, and others.

Softwoods can be used too. Two really popular types of wood to use to make picnic tables are cedar and pine. Pine is commonplace because it is cheap and easy to use, as well as plentiful. Cedar is becoming more popular because of its great smell in addition to the properties of pine. Cedar picnic tables tend to be a little more expensive than pine ones, but they look gorgeous.

Wooden Picnic Table Concerns

There are a couple of things you should watch for when using picnic tables made of wood. The first involves splinters, those pesky and painful pieces of wood that can ruin any picnic. The second involves weather damaging your wood and the paint on the table. You can protect against both of these with a few coats of water sealant. The sealant will protect your table from rain, snow, and ice, which will keep splinters from forming due to weather-related damage. You can also cover your table with a thin plastic spray that can seal the wood and keep splinters from breaking off, although this is not as aesthetically pleasing as using sealant.



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