Shrimp empanadas with creamy chipotle sauce


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Shrimp Empanadas With Creamy Chipotle Sauce A Traditional Mexican  Dish Perfect for picnics


This is a traditional dish from northwest Mexico Sinaloa and Nayarit. It is perfect for warm weather and of course, to take on a picnic. The combination of seafood and corn is really extraordinary, plus the chipotle sauce that gives this preparation an even more interesting taste.

It is really very simple to make. If you rather not use the corn masa, you could use store bought puff pastry and bake them instead of frying them. It is not greasy at all if you let them drain properly.


Shrimp empanadas with creamy chipotle sauce 3

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Salpicón : Mexican Skirt steak salad great for picnics  


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This dish is very common in Mexico. It’s fresh and flavorful. Perfect for a hot weather, it is a great option to take on a picnic, although I recommend to mix the oil and lemon at the very end, right before serving, so the ingredients do not wilt and the lettuce remains fresh and crunchy.

Salpicón Ready to Serve

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Hawaian Mini Pizzas


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Picnic Recipes

On hot summer days, we all want to get out of our house, get the fresh air that is found in the mountains or leave all of our concerns there. Whatever the place we decide to go, we also need to satisfy our culinary tastes.
Here’s another recipe for those picnic days! When the entire family starts asking for food on your picnic day, it is necessary to be prepared with delicious food that satisfies their hunger and taste.

The mini pizzas are an easy and delicious choice for everyone. We often avoid making pizzas because of the work that is involved in the entire process, but nowadays, there are more resources to make them quickly. You can buy small tortillas made of wheat and just add the other ingredients.

The rest of the ingredients in this recipe are easy to get and are not very expensive, you can find them in any supermarket. This makes it easier to enlarge this recipe if you have a large family or many friends.

This recipe was created thinking about making the work of the day before the picnic easier for you. It will allow you to enjoy some delicious snacks, but at the same time you will not miss the fun and excitement of your day.

During these days, the most important thing must be to enjoy quality time with your friends; therefore, do not carry extra food when you can simplify everything with these mini pizzas.
You can accompany these mini pizzas with other snacks, bacon strips, fries or simply with delicious lemonade.

Why choose this recipe

There are many recipes that you can try to impress everyone, but many of them require from you a lot of time to prepare, others require many expensive and not so common ingredients that make it difficult and expensive to get.

For these and other reasons, we give you some basic grounds to convince yourself that you should choose this recipe:

First, you will save time when preparing.

Second, all your guests will be satisfied after trying them … and wanting more!

Third, they are according to your budget, practical and affordable.

Do not be just with the desire to try making them … make them! It does not matter if your trip is to a sunny day at the beach or to a frozen mountain, these snacks will make you enjoy even more your picnic and your adventures will become unforgettable!

#2 Hawaiian Mini-Pizzas

final 3

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Baked Chicken Wings with Fruit Salad


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Picnic Recipes

Regardless the time of year, we all want to go on a trip and relax having a picnic, enjoy of beautiful landscapes, the nice weather on a mountain, or the pleasant warmth and adventure of the beach.
When we are accompanied by our friends and family, what we wish the most is to spend a happy and fun time, and also to enjoy a delicious meal. For many, this could mean many expenses since it may require moving from one distant place to another to eat at a restaurant, or at the mall just to enjoy good food.

To others, this may also result in a lot of time, since satisfying everyone’s tastes can be exhausting as well as making purchases and preparations for a picnic, while all this time spent only in food, could have been spent in the exciting adventures of a picnic.
Due to all these factors, this simple but delicious recipe was created, affordable to all, and to satisfy the tastes of your family and friends.

What recipes to follow

We must remember one key factor that every recipe must include “simplicity”; this will allow us to spend less time in preparation, and at the same time it will allow us to enjoy an exquisite meal.
When deciding the food you should carry, you must take into account the place you will visit since doing that will prevent you from carrying unnecessary extra food. This recipe was created with something we all love, chicken wings. These ingredients were used because they are easy to find on the market, even many of them are in our own kitchen. Some delicious baked wings delight anyone’s palate.
Salad is a tasty side dish. When you are in such a natural environment, you need to eat something really nutritious, nice and light. The fruits inside this salad do their job giving a fresh and delicious touch. Many families always have apples in the refrigerator, using them in this recipe will be very useful. With pineapple you can make a lot of dishes, from salad, to delicious desserts. Do not forget to add it to this salad.

What about dessert?

The favorite part of many is the dessert, so on a picnic you can use fruits like watermelon, cantaloupe, strawberries or some fresh grapes. You can accompany them with chocolate or honey. This will result practical, simple, delicious and affordable at the same time.
If you think in advance about the tastes of your family and friends, the place you will visit, how valuable enjoying the journey is and not forgetting the importance of simplicity, everyone will enjoy a beautiful, delicious and memorable picnic!

RECIPE #1 Baked Chicken Wings with Fruit Salad

Baked chicken wings with fruit salad - Final 3

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Spicy Kathi Roll


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Spicy Kathi Roll

Spicy Kathi Roll

Summertime is the perfect time to plan for a picnic– especially if you need a vacation but just can’t get away. A picnic is like the perfect little 1-day holiday, taking you away from it all so you can really relax and enjoy with family and friends. Picnics create happy, sun-drenched moments and delightful memories to treasure forever. Just thinking back on a picnic when you’re old and gray will warm you with fondness and melt way stress, bringing a smile to your face. Read the rest of this entry »